Thursday, September 8, 2011

teAm buiLdinG

I think every c0mpany c0nducts a team building 0r team 0uting 0r famiLy day just t0 b0nd with c0-w0rkers & enj0y each 0thers' fell0wship.

I want t0 share with y0u 0ur n0t-s0-recent team 0uting that we had last March 2011. It was held at C0ralview Beach Res0rt. It's t00 mem0rabLe t0 let it pass but sad at the same time because that was the last 0uting that we had with my 0riginal teammates since we had been transferred t0 different teams in 0ur department (we have 20 or m0re teams) after that. T_T

As usual, we traveled & r0de 0n "w0nder bike" f0r m0re than 2 hrs fr0m Manila t0 Bataan. We were acc0mpanied by my teammate Mike while 0ur 0ther teammates were tansp0rted in 2 vans. F0r th0se wh0 d0n't kn0w yet Bataan played a very imp0rtant r0le in the Philippine hist0ry particulary in W0rLd War II where the infam0us Bataan Death March happened. Bataan als0 h0uses the Bataan Nuclear P0wer Plant which was c0nstructed in1976 & was nearly c0mpleted in 1984 but the c0nstructi0n was halted due t0 fear 0f having the same fate with that 0f Chernobyl DisasterIt has never been used but it was ann0unced last May 2011 that the plant will be turned int0 a t0urist attracti0n. Unf0rtunately, at that time, we're n0t all0wed t0 g0 inside.

And by the way, cashews are everywhere in Bataan, y0u can see them being scattered acr0ss the r0ads! ^_^

Did y0u enj0y y0ur 0wn team building activities? Can y0u tell us ab0ut it? =)

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. thank y0u f0r the l0vely c0mment Margarita!
    i ❤ y0ur styLe! s0 chic! ^_^

    Please f0ll0w 0ur bl0g as weLL! =)


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