Monday, June 25, 2012

Cebu with my beau! 웃❤유

Our 3-day adventure didn't stop in Bohol.
Because Cebu City is an hour away
by ferry we grabbed the opportunity
to sail our way to the "Queen City of the South"
after beach bumming in Panglao.
We're in a hurry so we motorbiked
going to the bus terminal.

 Tsada! We're inside the cute bus
going to Tagbilaran City then rode
a van going to the sea port.
 Here we are! ☻

"Dayon Bai!" meaning "Welcome friend!"
The dialect in most places in Visayas and Mindanao
is Cebuano.
I grew up in Mindanao so it's
so easy for me to converse with the
locals in my mother tongue while
Robby's nose was bleeding listening to us
because he couldn't understand! LOL!

Well, I've been to Cebu multiple times when I
was young  joining Youth Congress
which was annually held in this place.

 We arrived around 2pm.
And our first stop was the Taoist Temple
in Beverly Hills.
Yes, it's located in one of the posh
subdivisions of the metro.
 The first time I went to this lovely place
was when I was 14y/o.
I was too excited to go to the top of the temple
which cramped my legs climbing its 81 steps.
I already learned my lesson.
(the hard way! hahaha!)
 When we reached the biggest temple
the security guard told us that using
tripods were not allowed so we had
to alternately take our photos. *bummer!*
 Their replica of
"The Great Wall of China".
 The Temple was built last 1972 by
Cebu's Chinese community and it's still
beautifully well-maintained after 40years.
The dragons are so irresistible! ☻
 We made sure we didn't leave
Cebu without tasting one of its
delicacies -> Lechon Baboy (Roasted pig).
Man, look at our tummies.
We devoured 2 kls. of it just in one-sitting! ☻

Shirt: Eastwood Bazaar
Skull Leggings: Thrifted
Studded Converse Sneakers: Thrifted
Skull Scarf: Gifted

~~~> wReY ^_*


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    1. Thank you for you warm welcome!
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  2. poor Robby, nose bleed talaga ah. hahaha

  3. Looks like a tone of fun, it really does!

  4. Each picture discloses your excitement and enjoyment! Seems u had fun rides to this place... which is peaceful and elegant! Hum... Yummy tummy ;)

  5. wow. i have visited the taoist temple during our field trip last year. haha.

    great photos. you sure did had a great time.

  6. sarap ng lechon nu
    hmmm aun dame dragons ha cute china china lng

  7. at talagang hanggang Cebu naka-bike kayo ha!

    and wazzup with the "no tripod" rule???

    been to cebu last January for the Sinulog. Wasn't able to explore much because of the TRAFFIC! will definitely come back.

    nice adventure sis!

    1. Sa Bohol lang kami nakapag-bike ma'am Balut. ヅ

      Well, we asked the security guard on why tripods are not allowed but he just ignored us! tsk!

    2. supladong sikyo! baka "no ID no tripod" lolz.

      Btw, ako'y nagbalik upang ihatid ang balitang may award ka dito!

  8. oh great tour! i always want to visit cebu!!!

  9. rakenrol! love your blog (and that bike! and those spikes! can you get any more rockenrolla?) thanks for dorpping by my blog too :) you can be sure i'll be back here! hayyy cebu lechon!!!

    1. Thank you so much mommy Laya! Wonderful comments like yours inspire us so much! ヅ

  10. Hey there hope you don't mind checking my blog today I just have something for you
    happy blogging and have a great day

    1. We've visited your blog again and thank you so much for the cool award! ヅ

  11. matagal na rin na hindi ako nakakapunta ng cebu....na miss ko ang cebu dahil dito sa post mong ito...

    1. Balik ka ulit dun at kain ka ulit ng lechon! ヅ

  12. hey guys, your blog is relly cool! Thank you for the lovely comment and for following back:)

    xx chris

    1. Thank you as well Chris! ヅ
      Great to know you love our blog! ヅ

  13. Very cool, Wrey, wonderful post as always! It's your fault that I'm hungry already from seeing the lechon(and I just ate breakfast only an hour ago) LOL. Crispy, addicting, and heart-healthy! I love the spices (anise?, lemongrass etc.) that permeate the meat and skin.

    Cebu is my fave city in the Philippines so far, (not that I've travelled to so many cities in the Philippines) and is where my wife and daughter and I usually spend most of our time when we're in the Philippines. I haven't been up to the temple & Beverly Hills in many years since before our daughter was born, so maybe next time we'll take her up there.

    All the best to you and Robby!

    PS - That's a weird rule about the tripods ha-ha!

    1. Yes, lechon makes us crave for more! ヅ

      That's so nice of you loving one of the Philippines cities. Yes, you should bring your daughter to the breathtaking Taoist temple. ヅ


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