Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bohol Tour ٩(̃-̮̮̃-)۶

So after 15 hours in Cebu. We woke up early &
rode the 1st ferry trip back to Bohol @ 5:40AM
because we had to catch our flight going to
Manila the next day at Tagbilaran airport.
Starcraft ferry for Php200.00 each.
 Our first stop: Sagbayan Peak.
"A mountain resort and recreation center.
Offering a 360-degree perspective view of the famed Chocolate Hills
plus the distant blue sea separating Bohol from the island of Cebu."
That's a 10x19 feet T-rex dinosaur.

 Sagbayan Peak has its own Butterfly Sanctuary
which "houses about 18 species of these
winged creatures."
Some of our winged shots! ☜(*▽*)☞
Sagbayan Peak has so much to offer
for only Php 30.00 entrance fee.
 They have Kids Town which has fun
structures for kids & kids-at-heart.
 HUNGRY Hulks! LOL! ヅ
 Here comes one of the main attractions
of  the city.
Meet our little pals - the Tarsiers.
 Tarsiers are the world's smallest primates.
(no larger than an adult men's hand)
They're nocturnal animals with enormous
eyes - an eyeball is approximately 16mm in
diameter & is as large as its entire brain.
Tarsiers are endangered animals &
efforts are being done to conserve these
wonderful creatures.
 That's Victor (in white) & Dodong (in blue).
Our tourist guides/drivers/photographer & baggage boy.
We rented their 2 motorbikes because
Robby wanted to tour Bohol in a motorcycle.
They're so helpful & jolly men.
We never heard them complain.
They always accompanied us even going to
the highest Chocolate Hill.
We met them at Tubigon seaport.
Only Victor has a cellphone. You can
contact him @ +639-473-402-593.
He's using Blue Honda Wave 0V74.
Dodong's bike-Honda 8797IS.
Finally, we've seen these magnificent hills with
our own eyes.
They're called Chocolates Hills because
the green grass would turn brown during dry season.
They're peculiar geographical formation as many
as 1,776 hills spread all over the place.
Pretending to be flying witches over the hills
in a stick without its broom! LOL! 
Those are floating restaurants behind us.
Bohol is a home of beautiful old churches like
the one on our background.
The clean Loboc River.
The man-made forest in Bilar. It's a two-kilometer stretch
of densely planted Mahogany trees.
Meet Prony - the largest Python in captivity.
The caretaker said that Prony has just eaten
an entire goat the previous week.
He's being fed every month.
  Such a voracious reptile! ヅ

Where have you been to lately?

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  1. waaah snob mo yung award na bigay ko dito eh :(


    grabe sa adventure at may 30pesos na entrance sa ganun kaganda?

    1. Sorry na po, hindi po namin alam na meron din kaming award from you. Y_Y

      Thanks for reminding us!
      It's been updated!ヅ

  2. katakot ung ahas at si hulk hahaha

    ganda saya nu siguro tlaga dyn

    di nga lang nka chocollate mode ung chocolate hills no hahaha

    wc much wrey and robby

    1. Katakot talaga! Anytime pwede kaming lamunin! tsk! ヅ

  3. Love the pictures you shared here ! seems you had a lot of fun !
    Mind following each other ?


    1. Thank you Marouane! It's our pleasure following you! ヅ

  4. Kayo na sina Doro at Dora..ang mga matatandang lakwatsera/o... Pumunta sana kayo sa Dumaguete City at na.tour ko kayo!

    1. Hahaha!!!
      Oo nga! Sayang gahol kami sa oras eh! Next time siguro. Pramis yan ha? free tour by you! ヅ

  5. Gala! Hehehe. Pupunta din ako dyan! Nainggit ako e. LOL

    1. Punta ka na! Bago magunaw ang mundo sa December 12, 2012! hahaah!!!

  6. fun fun fun! saya ng jump shots nyo with the broom :) nakakatakot yung snake, ang laki!

  7. That kid town looks like so much fun!!

    And congrats on your 2nd Versatile Blog Award! Awesome!! :) Following you now :)

    1. Thanks! ヅ

      It sure does Victoria! You should visit the place too! ヅ

  8. Wow You're sooo positive people :)))) great pics ...it seems You had a lot of fun ! ...of course it would be great to follow each other :) following You now :)



    1. Thank you Daggi! We'll return the love right away! ヅ

    2. Thank You soooo much :***

      have a nice day !

  9. wow! whatta jam-backed Bohol trip!

  10. It woulde be nice to follow each other!
    So we are your new follower!


  11. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. Are you two doing a blog together? Really nice, fun to read! I will definitely follow your blog, please let me know once you follow. thanks again!

    Little K.

  12. ang cute ng mga tarsier.... ahm, db bawal sila hawakan kasi madali lang sila ma-stress?
    kasi daw, kung stress ang tarsier, nagpapakamatay sila.

    1. OO, bawal silang hawakan. NAKAW-HAWAK lang ginawa namin! hehehe...

  13. Your blog is interesting as well as your life! I really like it!

  14. Bohol!!! One of the places I want to visit. Dapat nag-uwi kayo ng tarsier. ^_^

  15. wow, that sounds so cool! looks that you had amazing time :)

    1. Thanks Georgie! We absolutely had an amazing vacation! (✿◠‿◠)

  16. naalala ko tuloy ang pagpunta ko ng bohol..

  17. Your post is always fun to read, thank you so much for sharing. Plus, thanks for your comment on my blog. I apologize for the delay and I though I already followed you back but guess didn't. I am now following you and hopefully you did too, thanks!!

    Little K.

    1. Thanks Little K! ϡ
      No worries, apology accepted! See you in the blogosphere! ϡ

  18. Hi! I have entered to your blog and it´s very ineresting. You are a great adventurers and it´s good to see you enjoying life and so different places. I have a moto, too but mine is smaller, a Vespa.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog. It´s great to have visits from so far away. Philippines, a great country!
    I will ride this blog often.
    Take care from the snakes...
    Greetings from Spain!

    1. Thanks for the good words Armando! Keep coming back! ヅ

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