Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chopper bike build - PART 2

Guys I'm back!
I'm here to give you some motorcycle related post!hehehe...
 If you guys have been following us for so long,
I hope you still remember the post about my
home-built chopper part 1.
 Well, without further delay,
So this is the part 2 of it.

The last photo on part 1 was the
semi-completed swing arm assembly,

Now we have to cut the rear end of the frame
to weld the pivot brackets for the swing arm.

Here we are lining up the swing arm to
make sure everything were all centered.
On the front end we permanently fix the
fork neck to the frame.
The neck should be in 45 degrees.
Once we have attached the swing arm as well as
the front neck to the chassis, we installed the wheels.
Now we have a "rolling chassis".
After the rolling chassis,
we're ready to mock up the engine inside the chassis.
Supported by wood blocks, it gave us an idea on
how the motor would sit on the chassis.
The next part of the built was attaching
the motor to the chassis.
For that I had to make cardboard cut outs
(see those white cardboards below?) 
these patterns would be cut on metal plates...
The metal plates from the cut outs.
If you guys are wondering how they're cut out
from metal plates. This guy was the one who did it for us.
Even though we didn't have water jets or plasma cutters,
he made metal cutting very interesting to watch 'cause
he just traced the outline of our patterns on the metal then
he followed the outline with his acetylene torch free hand,
he only did this for one of a kind pieces...
Using a laser beam we made sure the
engine and chassis lined up.
During the motor mount we also mounted the
shock absorber on the swing arm and chassis.
Now we have partially mounted the engine to keep it
from moving around while making the other
brackets to secure the engine..
I promise it won't take that long to post the 3rd part of this.
I really don't know how many parts its gonna to be
because I really want to give the details on the build.
Until next time guys!!! 



  1. niestety nie wiem gdzie znajdują się te budki telefoniczne :)

    1. Który nie jest kwestia, tamten telefon *booths* są przeraźliwy!

      "That's not a problem, those phone booths are awesome!" ヅ

  2. Nice blog, cool notes :)

    I follow your blog.

  3. Very nice blog :)

  4. great post!
    come by and lets fllw each other if you love to do:)

  5. The old days are always the best. Perhaps it again? ;p

  6. wow astig nabuo na paint na lng ready to go na

  7. Follower#487
    lovely blog :)
    dear follow me back.

  8. it's gonna be great to see what it looks like finished. somebody's handy & knowledgeable about motorcycles, & it isn't me. ;)

    1. Actually, that's the chopper bike on our header photo Teddi. ヅ

  9. hubby is a motorcycle lover as well :) I'm sure he will enjoy your posts! thanks for sharing :)

    1. Oh that's great! Please do share this with your hubby Balut! ヅ

  10. Good job ...
    "Bon courage..." when wee said in France.

  11. Ang galing naman. Naaalala ko tuloy si utol ko, mahilig din siyang gumawa-gawa ng mga ganito, pero mas bigatin tong sa inyo :)

    1. Talaga? baka kelangan ng utol mo ng mga motor parts, nagbebenta din sila Robby. Mura pa! ヅ

  12. wow! you seem good at these things!!

    I follow you now!

    could you follow me back?

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  14. Hope u get back your bike soon! Nice post :)

    Have a nice time.

  15. I follow you via bloglovin now too =)


  16. Interesting chopper build, would love to see more!

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  18. I really like this yamaha motor modification, I also really wanted to have a chopper from Yamaha Crypton 110cc, I have the material to be modified. Please give me a hint what type and size of pipe used. My email: vajraputra@yahoo.com / vajraputra88@gmail.com

    1. Oh no! We apologize for the VERY late response. Let us know if you still need Robby's suggestions regarding your bike's modification.
      Cheers! ヅ

  19. how much if i will order a frame chopper like this one? thanks

    1. Hi Genly! I will have Robby respond to you about your question. ヅ

  20. haiii .... sorry if my English is not good. It allowed me translate from google. I am from Indonesia, which also has a Yamaha Crypton motorcycle 110cc chopper that I want to modify as you modified. May I ask the design as well as a count and pipe used.If what you want to submit the design, please send an email to vajraputra88@gmail.com or vajraputra@yahoo.com Sorry if I was too presumptuous. I thank you.


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