Wednesday, September 28, 2011

take 0ut the brains...I just want the SKULLS!!! ☠

I d0n't kn0w what's in the skulls that interest me but I'm reaLLy fascinated with any stuff which has skuLLs 0n them! May it be in a furniture, dress, sh0es 0r access0ries s0 I think I need t0 read the The Book of Skulls by Faye Dowling. The b00k tackles about the "celebration 0f 0ne 0f t0day's m0st ic0nic cuLturaL symb0Ls" being used thr0ugh music, street fashi0n which eventually "bec0me t0days ultimate anti-estabLishment ic0n".

The Book of Skulls by Faye Dowling.
via urban outfitters blog

Scary Skull Air Plant Garden.

Giant Labrad0rite Skull "One Eyed Willie" with Live Air Plant.

Air Plant Ocean Blue Obsidian Alien Skull Mohawk Live Garden.

Pointed Apophyllite on Black Chalcedony with Agate Carved Skull.

King Jasper Druze on Apophyllite India Crystal.

All ab0ve ph0t0s are fr0m Earth Sea Warrior  via etsy.com

The succeeding ph0t0s are fr0m rand0m bL0gs in which I f0rg0t the s0urces. (My ap0L0gies t0 the 0wners 0f the pictures).

0ur beL0ved readers, can y0u please share y0ur fav0rite beL0ngings with skuLLs 0n them? We'd L0ve t0 kn0w ab0ut them! ϡ

~~~> wReY ^_*

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ride Up North

Last July,  me and my dad was Scheduled to work on some bikes  up north (Zambalez is the name of the province  that we were going to)... it was around 180kms from where we lived.. i had to make the most of this trip ... i wanted it so bad,   coz i want to take "chopper bike on a road trip.. it has been a while since ived ridden my chopper that far... the only catch was that i had to haul all of our stuff to Zambalez  on my chopper, since I had it made with a detachable  heavy duty luggage/passenger seat... small price to pay for a road trip..

 This picture was taken on the monument commemorating the infamous Death March on which thousands of American and Filipino Soldiers were forced to march by the Japanese for long distances without food and water...


 Going home we saw this fairly good paved road going up the mountain went up there.. and oh boy what a view!!!!

 Still a long way to go!!!

 Taking a breather. coz my ass was numb...

Since i wanted to experience riding into  a severe typhoon, I just wore   my half helmet,  shades, my favorite riding shirt, shoes,  and pants .. no rain coat  no face mask .. oh yeah!!!

Unfortunately we got stuck in Zambalez for a couple of days since there was a strong typhoon heading out way home...we had to ride all the way back home  with instances of poor visibility due  to  typhoon "juaning"

Loved it when the face gets water blasted... painful but refreshing.... hehehe

Have you been on any road trips lately???

Taken via NOKIA 5310 XpressMusic Phone.


Friday, September 23, 2011

✖ BOGUS ONLINE SELLERS sh0uLd SELL their s0uLs t0 the DeviL! ✖

My first 0nLine business transacti0n was a traumatic 0ne. I pLaced an 0rder f0r a "DSLR Can0n Camera NeckLace" last May 31, 2010 - paid f0r it but never g0t it. I haven't th0ught that it w0uLd happen t0 me 'c0z its seLLer is 0ne 0f the fam0us and respectabLe Filipina ceLebrities n0wAdays and it's even p0sted 0n her pers0naL faceb00k and 0fficiaL fan page acc0unts. I paid it thru her BPI acc0unt using "her name" s0 I did n0t think it's a fake 0ne. Yeah it's 0nLy Php 649.00 (including shipping c0st) but she ruined my trUst 0n her g00d reputati0n and w0rst 0n the 0nline business itseLf! Y_Y

Few m0nths ag0, I saw w0nderfuL access0ries especially rings which are s0Ld 0nLine. I liked them s0 much but I was hesistant at first because 0f that bad experience. Nevertheless, I stiLL gave it a sec0nd chance and big thanks t0 th0se h0nest seLLers I had the pLeasure 0f d0ing business witH. They br0ught my faith 0n 0nLine business back 0n track! ^_^

S0 take a peek 0n s0me 0f my "LittLe Babies". 0oohHaa!!!

Alexander Mcqueen-inspired c0nnect0r ring fr0m Bring Rings.

Adder-bite Snake ring by Bring Rings.

r0cker rings fr0m BubbLes.

c0nnect0r rings fr0m BubbLes.

Last but definiteLy n0t the least ---> the eye-catchy NAIL RINGS fr0m Keyt Farinas. ت 

ヅ Which 0ne is y0ur fav0riTe??? ヅ

Taken via SAMSUNG Wi-Fi GT-S5233W cellph0ne.

~~~> wReY ^_*

Chuck Taylor Swift shoes

One day my girlfiend asked me if i can do a design on a pair of Chucks she bought a long time ago......I accepted  .. the problem is I do not have any idea what to do with it.. Then came Taylor Swift  hehehe. We both love Taylor Swift  so drawing inspiration from her  I came up with the Chuck Taylor Swift Shoes!! Just wanted to make the design  look like the back pages of  my notebook during my Elementary School days.(filled with scribbles of anything that crossed my mind) took me 3 Days to draw....hehehe ..

 It has been a while since ive'd drawn anything..(lots of markers and pens)

 Finished half of it....

There she is... enjoying  her one and only pair of chuck Taylor Swift Shoes in the world!!! ( I may have exagerrated a bit) hehehe ..hard work but well worth it....


Thursday, September 22, 2011

MuncHinG 0n Mari0's MusHr00ms! yUm! ヅ

We we're starving after the  MaLab0n Z0o experience s0 we decided t0 try Mushr00m Burger's burgers. ^_^

 They have nice ambience there; their chairs were designed as car's seats which we liked s0 mucH! 
At first we th0ught it's an internet café 'c0z m0st 0f the diners were checking 0n their 0wn lapt0ps whiLe eating and then we reaLized that the st0re was just in fr0nt 0f Atene0 de ManiLa University which has hundreds 0f sTudents s0 the st0re is 0ne 0f their hang 0ut pLaces.

F0r m0re inf0 visit http://www.mushroomburger.com.ph/

Snake Rings are fr0m Bring Rings while Nail Rings are fr0m Keyt Farinas.

Their fries are the crUncHiest 0n eartH! Try them & y0u'LL 0rder f0r m0re!

My 0rder: 100% Mushr00m Burger with Cheese. YUM!


R0bby's 0rder: fLattened Mushr00m Burger King! haha...

Can0n Camera Lens Mug with M0untain Dew inside ---> quenches y0ur tHirsT! =)

Driving whiLe EaTing...

Meet my new babies ---> NAIL RINGS! 

W0uLd y0u Like t0 try the burgers n0w?
They aLs0 have deLivery service.

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.

~~~> wReY ^_*

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ACMC 3rd year anniversary

Last Saturday night our crew (Manila Choppers) was invited to the ACMC (Alamat Crewsers Motorcycle Club) 3rd  year anniversary...Lots of booze, food & bikes.... Had a blast with those guys.. They really know how to party !!!  There I am  doing my first bottoms up beer drinking competition as a representative for our crew....how did i do??? nevermind... hehehe 

The Manila Choppers Crew


Our crew arriving at Torio's Grill

Some of the bikes !!!

So have you been to any biker Party???

Photos are from ACMC Facebook Fanpage.

--- Robby!!!

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