Friday, September 23, 2011

✖ BOGUS ONLINE SELLERS sh0uLd SELL their s0uLs t0 the DeviL! ✖

My first 0nLine business transacti0n was a traumatic 0ne. I pLaced an 0rder f0r a "DSLR Can0n Camera NeckLace" last May 31, 2010 - paid f0r it but never g0t it. I haven't th0ught that it w0uLd happen t0 me 'c0z its seLLer is 0ne 0f the fam0us and respectabLe Filipina ceLebrities n0wAdays and it's even p0sted 0n her pers0naL faceb00k and 0fficiaL fan page acc0unts. I paid it thru her BPI acc0unt using "her name" s0 I did n0t think it's a fake 0ne. Yeah it's 0nLy Php 649.00 (including shipping c0st) but she ruined my trUst 0n her g00d reputati0n and w0rst 0n the 0nline business itseLf! Y_Y

Few m0nths ag0, I saw w0nderfuL access0ries especially rings which are s0Ld 0nLine. I liked them s0 much but I was hesistant at first because 0f that bad experience. Nevertheless, I stiLL gave it a sec0nd chance and big thanks t0 th0se h0nest seLLers I had the pLeasure 0f d0ing business witH. They br0ught my faith 0n 0nLine business back 0n track! ^_^

S0 take a peek 0n s0me 0f my "LittLe Babies". 0oohHaa!!!

Alexander Mcqueen-inspired c0nnect0r ring fr0m Bring Rings.

Adder-bite Snake ring by Bring Rings.

r0cker rings fr0m BubbLes.

c0nnect0r rings fr0m BubbLes.

Last but definiteLy n0t the least ---> the eye-catchy NAIL RINGS fr0m Keyt Farinas. ت 

ヅ Which 0ne is y0ur fav0riTe??? ヅ

Taken via SAMSUNG Wi-Fi GT-S5233W cellph0ne.

~~~> wReY ^_*


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