Friday, September 16, 2011

ヅ Forever & Always Classy!

           I'm n0t reaLLy a big fAn 0f TayL0r SwifT, n0t t0 the p0int 0f using her last name 0n my Faceb00k acc0unt instead 0f mine! haha...!  I l0ve her s0 much thinking she'd be the sister I never had. ッ

           Anyways, I wish I c0uld be at Mercedes-Benz Fashi0n Week in New Y0rk City t0 see her. She attended R0darte's sh0w wearing the brand's vintage-inspired dress - a c0mbinati0n 0f cr0cheted skirt  and a l0ng-sleeved lace t0p and a new hair 'd0. She walked like a reaL runway m0deL than a music superstar.

ph0t0s fr0m SOCIALITE LIFE

What d0 y0u think 0f her L00k? H0T or N0T?

~~~> wReY ^_*

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