Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ヅ first-time bL0ggers!

 Phot0 fr0m:Kristina B.

I have been f0ll0wing a number 0f fasHi0n bL0gs
f0r like 2 0r 3 years already.
Then 0ne night an idea p0pped 0ut 0f my head!
Why n0t create a bL0g ab0ut fashi0n but with a twist?
And that twist is t0 bl0g aLL ab0ut m0t0rcycles as weLL
since my b0yfriend (i call him baby) R0bby is a biker,
m0t0rcycLe enthusiasT & a kn0wledgeable mecHanic.
Trust me --- he's a m0t0rcycLe pr0digy if I may say,
he knows m0st if n0t aLL ab0ut m0t0rcycles
and yeah, y0u're right! He's a big fan 0f the
champi0n m0t0r racer Valentin0 R0ssi a.k.a "the Doct0r"
wh0 recently transferred t0 team Ducati which
saddened my baby because he's a very l0yal YAMAHA biker.

He g0t 2 Yamaha bikes: we call his 1st bike "W0nder Bike"
- it's a Yamaha Crypt0n Z in which he m0dified
& it runs s0 fast y0u g0tta see it & experience it y0urself.
The 2nd bike is simply called "Ch0pper Bike" -
but d0n't take it plainly 'c0z it never fail t0 amaze the 0nl00kers
(i.e. bikers 0r non-bikers alike) whenever we use it.
R0bby t0gether with his father & uncle built it themselves
which made it m0re impressive!
So if y0u have any questi0n ab0ut m0t0rcycle bikes
then feel free t0 ask him ---
he's m0re than willing t0 answer y0ur queries. ^_^

Finally, after c0ntempLating f0r s0metime,
we have created 0ne s0 h0pefully y0u
will enj0y checking 0n 0ur bL0g.
We'll make sure that as much as p0ssible,
we can update it every s0 0ften.

As f0r the fasHi0n part, I'm m0re 0f a ring & sH0e pers0n
s0 expect t0 see t0ns 0f ph0t0s ab0ut th0se things.
0h, I'm f0nd 0f sungLasses t00
and obsessed with skulls!

Enjoy Reading!

~~~> wReY ^_*

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