Monday, September 19, 2011

G0 GaraGe GaLs! ت

     I'm a new f0LL0wer 0f Ms. Divine Lee's w0nderfuL bL0g. S0 the m0ment I saw this garage p0st, I g0t s0 excited. It's n0t just an 0rdinary garage sale because it has the sec0nd-hand and even brandnew items 0f the rich pe0pLe, isn't that c00L? ;~)

     So me and my m0ther went there t0 check if we c0uld get s0me g00d stuff fr0m the said sale. It started @ 9am but we arrived @11 am. It was already c0ngested 0f buyers when we arrived there s0 we g0t int0 the business right away! ヅ

Yup! That's Tim Yap! but 0nLy his stanDee. =)

These are s0me 0f the things we b0ught, I wasn't abLe t0 take pics 0f the 0ther items.

This is my fav0rite! It's Tim Yap's military vest, bel0w are his fed0ras as weLL.

A L0veLy brandnew bL0use I g0t f0r 0nLy Php 100.00

BeautifuL skirt f0r 0nly Php 100.00.

Finally a b0nus ph0t0 0p with Ms. Divine Lee herseLf! She's s0 beautifuL and acc0m0dating! ^_^ 

H0w was y0ur weekend by the way? 

Taken via SAMSUNG Wi-Fi GT-S5233W cellph0ne.

~~~> wReY ^_*

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