Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ha-hA st0ries! ;-D

I stumbled up0n this hilari0us website earlier. Their articles amused me s0 much I had t0 share with y0u the tw0 0f my fav0rites. =)

First article was ab0ut the man wh0 emptied his entire h0use just t0 l00k f0r his missing ring! Yes, y0u read it right! It's a g0ld Harley-Davids0n eagle ring "with tremend0us sentimental value" which c0sts $2,500 that he luckily f0und pLus the b0nus 0f seLLing his st0ry t0 the Hallmark Channel! (The Value 0f Friendsh*t!).

I highly c0mmend him f0r his great patience! ^_^

Then here c0mes the fake lap piLL0ws f0r y0ur feLine & canine paLs t0 sLeep 0n. They are made by a new c0mpany called "Laps 0f Luxury"  which can be cust0mized depending 0n y0ur preference! ;~)

Have y0u read funny articLes this week? Feel free t0 share it here! ^_^

~~~> wRey ^_*

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