Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Grandparents' Day! ﭢ

      Today, Philippines is celebrating The Grandparents' Day. We w0uldn't be here if n0t because 0f 0ur grandparents. Pers0nally, my grandparents were always there when we needed them the m0st. They were  there when my m0ther was affLicted with c0L0n cancer; they were there when my father aband0ned us; they were there when we had n0where t0 g0 t0; they were there t0 suppLy us 0ur needs and they are always there t0 pr0vide us every supp0rt that we need.

      I l0ve y0u L0, La and Nay! ^_^

They are my maternal grandparents. My L0L0 Basani0 and L0La Ant0nia. ^_^

That's my paternaL grandm0ther. She's 0ur Nanay Magdalena. My grandfather passed away when I was 0nly 2 years 0Ld. Unf0rtunately, I c0uldn't find any picture 0f my L0L0 Ap0L0ni0.

Happy Grandparents'  Day t0 y0ur Lolos and Lolas as weLL!
Have y0u greeted them yet? ^_^

~~~> wReY ^_^

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