Thursday, September 15, 2011

シ i LikE sPiKe! シ

        Last M0nday, I went t0 Market Market Gl0bal City t0 check if the S0! F.A.B. 0utLet there has the sh0e I was pLanning t0 buy. Well that sh0e is 0ne 0f their new c0llecti0ns - the Aar0n HeeL-Less Wedge. Unf0rtunateLy, they didn't have it! But wait there's m0re ---> it's n0 l0nger available in any 0f their Metr0 ManiLa's branch s0 it made me S0! S.A.D.!  huhuhu...!!! T_T

(Ph0t0 fr0m S0! F.A.B. website)

        S0 t0 c0ns0Le myself, I went t0 50th Avenue (it's the maLL's place where it h0uses s0me b0utiques with funky items) just t0 see what they have in st0re f0r me and tsadang! I f0und a c00L bracelet with spiKes 0n it and n0t just spikes ---> they're muLti-c0L0red rubber spikes which made it m0re eye-caTchY! By the way, it's fr0m RebeL Gear St0re. (And 0h, yeah! I'm a rebeL! hehehe..)

The L-0-V-E c0nnecT0r ring is fr0m Fudge R0ck.
D0 y0u LikE them as weLL? ^_^

~~~> wReY ^_*

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