Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ride Up North

Last July,  me and my dad was Scheduled to work on some bikes  up north (Zambalez is the name of the province  that we were going to)... it was around 180kms from where we lived.. i had to make the most of this trip ... i wanted it so bad,   coz i want to take "chopper bike on a road trip.. it has been a while since ived ridden my chopper that far... the only catch was that i had to haul all of our stuff to Zambalez  on my chopper, since I had it made with a detachable  heavy duty luggage/passenger seat... small price to pay for a road trip..

 This picture was taken on the monument commemorating the infamous Death March on which thousands of American and Filipino Soldiers were forced to march by the Japanese for long distances without food and water...


 Going home we saw this fairly good paved road going up the mountain went up there.. and oh boy what a view!!!!

 Still a long way to go!!!

 Taking a breather. coz my ass was numb...

Since i wanted to experience riding into  a severe typhoon, I just wore   my half helmet,  shades, my favorite riding shirt, shoes,  and pants .. no rain coat  no face mask .. oh yeah!!!

Unfortunately we got stuck in Zambalez for a couple of days since there was a strong typhoon heading out way home...we had to ride all the way back home  with instances of poor visibility due  to  typhoon "juaning"

Loved it when the face gets water blasted... painful but refreshing.... hehehe

Have you been on any road trips lately???

Taken via NOKIA 5310 XpressMusic Phone.


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