Sunday, September 11, 2011

ring my beLL! ϡ

      I w0rk at Eastw00d City 0n a night shift. T0 pe0pLe wh0 are familiar 0f that place w0uld think 0f call centers, c0nd0miniums, disco bars/pubs, malls & fast-f00d chains which are all true! M0ney w0uld disappear in a blink 0f an eye if y0u stay there! LOL

      Anyways, I passed by a bazaar and I was able t0 buy tw0 funky rings: BABY and PRETTY B0Y SC00TER! ^_*

These are all my m0t0rcycle/bikes access0ries. ;-}

(I'm s0rry if the ph0t0s are a little bLurry)

Which 0ne d0 y0u Like? ^_^

~~~> wRey ^_*

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