Saturday, September 17, 2011

y0w! yeLL f0r yeLL0w & g0Ld c0L0rs! ﭢ

      I'm s0rry if we weren't abLe t0 p0st an entry yesTerday. R0bby has been very busy reviewing nursing-reLated b00ks and tv series t0 get ready f0r an interview call fr0m a h0spitaL that he was appLying f0r. I was als0 tied-up with my w0rk transisti0n ---> fr0m a level five supp0rt agent t0 a team leader (yup! I handLe my 0wn team 0f 11 members n0w) it's temp0rary th0ugh but I sh0uld stiLL deLiver my best. I didn't expect f0r it t0 be happening s0 s00n. Als0, I was the 1st 0ne t0 be selected am0ng the five 0f us wh0 were trained f0r that p0sisti0n. Nevertheless, I'm stiLL thankfuL that the agents that were transferred t0 me are very smart, respectfuL and fun t0 be with s0 h0pefuLLy I w0n't be having any difficuLty handLing them.

      In the meantime, here's what I w0re last Friday. I ch0se the yeLL0w c0L0r because it symb0Lizes happiness and j0y - think 0f the sunshine. It's aLs0 a sign 0f h0pe - think 0f ex-President C0raz0n Aquin0 0n that fatefuL day that changed the w0rLd - the 1986 EDSA REVOLUTION - PEOPLE POWER, a n0n-vi0Lent rev0Lt "which led to the departure of President Ferdinand Marc0s and the rest0rati0n 0f the c0untry's dem0cracy." 

(SungLasses fr0m Mint, Rings fr0m BubbLes & Funky Finds St0res, beLt braceLet fr0m Fudge R0ck St0re, T-shirt fr0m Never Been Kissed, C0nverse Sh0es)  

Yeah, I kn0w! I have a messy r00m s0 just d0n't mind the backgr0und! ^_^

I h0pe y0u had a frightening ooppss... I mean FUN friday! ; )

Taken via SAMSUNG Wi-Fi GT-S5233W cellph0ne.

~~~> wReY ^_*

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