Tuesday, September 6, 2011

z00-La-Land! rAwR....!!! ^_^

Since I had a m0nday 0ff fr0m w0rk yesterday, I decided t0 g0 t0 Pasig Rainf0rest Park with R0bby & we r0de 0n his "w0nder bike". Basically I want t0 see what's in the park because I haven't visited it since I resided in Pasig City 4years ag0. It has a mini z00 which has an 0strich, "rud0Lph the red-n0se reindeer" (t0 the tune 0f that Christmas s0ng), cr0c0diles, snakes, turtles & s0 much m0re s0 it's n0t a mini z00 after all! LOL
y0u can check m0re ph0t0s here.

H0w ab0ut y0u? What are the z00s y0u've been t0? =)

~~~> wRey ^_*

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