Wednesday, September 21, 2011

z00LaLanD number 2! ﭢ

Yesterday, we were supp0sed t0 g0 t0 Subic, ZambaLes but "w0nder bike" was n0t in g00d c0nditi0n s0 we just went t0 the Malab0n Z00 which was nearer. I was pLanning t0 have a ph0t0 0p with the yell0w Burmese Pyth0n but unf0rtunately the snake handLer was 0n day 0ff s0 we just checked 0ut 0ther animaLs there. They have numer0us tigers, cr0cs and snakes but the m0nkeys are m0st entertaining. ;~]

I w0re the vest I g0t fr0m the garage saLe last sunday, thrifTed/ukay-ukay leggings & b00tz, Mint sungLasses, bL0use fr0m SM Department St0re.

This tiger was skinny-dipping in the man-made p0nd! LOL

He st00d up & gr0wLed at 0ne 0f the t0urists wh0 p0ked the gLass where he was bathing.

We're just pLaying ar0und like what children d0. ^_~


0ur 0wn paparaZzi sh0T. ヅ

0Ld snake's skin.

The sunseT sH0ts. ヅ

D0 y0u LikE t0 gEt a tiGer as y0ur pEt? ﭢ

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.

~~~> wReY ^_*

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