Monday, October 31, 2011

✪ Bike Night with NO LEFT TURN ☜♥☞

Last Friday, Robby invited me t0 their bikers' night gathering and luckily it's als0 my day 0ff s0 I went with him and we r0de 0n "ch0pper bike" at this time.

The rendezvous was in Makati City @ 7PM, we c0uld have arrived ahead 0f time had n0t Makati local g0vernment implemented a "NO LEFT TURN and/or NO U-TURN" road p0licy in alm0st every intersecti0n which delayed us f0r an h0ur 'c0z we g0t l0st! grrr...!

F0rtunateLy, when we arrived the fell0w bikers were ready t0 g0 and we r0de as a gr0up 2 minutes after 0ur arrivaL. Call it PERFECT TIMING! ☺  

Th0se are R0bby's legs - he's "cruising" as what he said.
By the way, ch0pper's tank is an 0riginal Harley-Davids0n™ tank given by his uncle. ☻

Recently, Robby's internet c0nnecti0n was n0t really g00d s0 he seld0m p0st 0n 0ur bL0g. ☹

He's recharging his "gl0w-in-the-dark" gl0ves. ☻

0h yeah! That's an0ther 0riginaL Harley-Davids0n™ item which was given t0 him. ☺

We first went t0 this place in fr0nt 0f A. venue in Makati t0 dine.

FOOD - my weakness! yum! {。^◕‿◕^。}

That biker's name is "Ir0n Wolf", I f0rgot t0 ask why... ヅ

My night was c0mplete seeing this new Harley-Davids0n™ bike 0wned by Sir Freddie. (I f0rg0t the m0deL th0ugh)

It has its 0wn saddLe bag with a l0ck 0f c0urse! ヅ

And I r0de 0n it with the 0wner's permissi0n. 

Another authentic Harley-Davids0n™ bike 0wned by an0ther gr0up's biker.

Well, when riding his "ch0pper bike" - "Gh0st Rider" shirt is a MUST! ヅ

And a bikes' night with0ut skulls is LAME s0 I br0ught mine! hahaha...! ☠

I h0pe y0u aLs0 had a fUn fridAy night w0nderfuL readers! We're s0rry if we d0n't get the chance t0 update 0ur bL0g everyday. We h0pe y0u still c0ntinue reading 0ur s0metimes-late-p0sts! ☻

I'm wearing:

Thrifted Leggings
Thrifted Biker Boots
Sheer Bl0use and Skull Necklace fr0m Greenhills
Silver Alexander Mcqueen Skull C0nnect0r Ring from Bring Rings
Gold Skull C0nnect0r Ring fr0m Bubbles



Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. love the moto look
    great post darling
    happy halloween
    Always following
    The Dolls Factory

    Lets become fashionable friends

  2. Thank y0u The Dolls Factory!
    we'd l0ve t0 be y0ur friends! ϡ

    let's f0LL0w each 0ther! ϡ


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