Monday, October 10, 2011

b⊙⊙ts are made f⊙r ph⊙t⊙sh⊙⊙t! ϡ

Philippines is a tr0pical c0unTry so it's n0t aLL the time y0u gEt t0 weAr b00ts but that d0esn'T dissUade me fr0m buying s0me pairs!

We live nearby a flea market which m0stLy seLL sec0ndhand cl0thes and sh0es. It was an unpLanned visit 'c0z I just passed by it after buying s0me pers0naL stuff at the gr0cery st0re in fr0nt 0f iT.

This was the 1st pair that caught my attenti0n. It's suede b00ts with g0Ld lining and le0pard-print interi0r. It's 1-inch smaller f0r my feet which upset me 'c0z it l00ks reaLLy awes0me.

Next was the studded peep-t0e buckLe b00ts which I think is m0re f0r r0ck stars! hehehe...

I l0ve this pair but again, they're t00 smALL f0r mE! grrr...!!!

The suede peep-t0e wedge b00ts f0r w0men wh0's size is 36! =(

Finally, I f0und my size in this brand-less suede b00ts with sheArLing lining which was perfect f0r the rAiNy night g0ing t0 w0rk. The shearling fibers gave me warmth f0r my entire graveyard shift. And it l00ks like Doc Martens boots! Loooovvvveeee iT!  ♥

What type 0f b00ts w0uLd y0u like t0 wear? Is it the wedge b00ts 0r with heels b00ts 0r heel-less b00ts, ankLe-length b00ts 0r thigh-high b00ts???

Taken via SAMSUNG Wi-Fi GT-S5233W cellph0ne.

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. we already did! nice bL0g y0u there! ^_^

  2. i so agree with you!!cute photos


  3. I understand you: I'm from Brazil and when I can wear my boots I'm so happy!!!! Sure I'll follow you via Bloglovin'!


  4. Thank y0u gLam0r0us girL! we're already f0LL0wing y0u!

    Please f0LL0w us back, take care!

  5. thank y0u s0 much l0vely http://ilpiccolomondodicri.wordpress.com/! ^_^


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