Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Captain America Shield Bag!!!

After watching Captain America: The First Avenger
my brother wanted to have a
Captain America replica shield that can be used everyday
while not looking like someone who can't get over Halloween.
He searched on the net but to no avail...
Anything that he found online was either too expensive
or just a display model or a prop.
So we made our own...
We Created the Captain America Shield Bag!!!
It took us a while to make it
but the end result is amazing!!!
Check out the Photos!!!
Look how shiny we got it to be...
It also has US Army style Bag Straps!!!
With sturdy Fiber glass shell!!!
It's a fully functioning shield bag...
I haven't figured out the total capacity yet
- it's actually a scaled down version of the shield,
since the actual size of the shield as described on
the comic books is 2 and a half feet...
Even though it's a bit smaller that the actual shield,
the graphics are still proportional to its size...
That's me drawing some inspiration for the project..hehehe!
Hope you guys liked our project Shield bag.
Photo from Google.


*UPDATE as of July 2014:

We received several inquiries about placing orders for the Captain America Bags. Unfortunately, Robby and his brother no longer make them due to busy schedules.We will update this post if ever they will again. We truly appreciate your support. 

Thank you!

~~~> wReY ✯◡✯


  1. Nice post dear. Thanks for followed my blog. I have following your blog now. :)

  2. this looks really nice, I might try something like that too! :D
    visit me :*

  3. so nice!

  4. Thanks f0r the resp0nse Vinny! ^_^

  5. No, y0u may buy 0ne! We bet it'll l00k g00d 0n y0u, Isabella! ^_^

  6. what are the details on ordering one and what is the price>?

  7. what are the details in ordering one and how much is it>?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi Krey0ns!

    the price is Php 4,500 (neg0tiable) we need 50% d0wnpayment.

    please PM us @ https://www.facebook.com/fashionmoto
    ab0ut y0ur name, c0mplete address, contact #.

    we als0 ship internati0naLLy.

    Thank y0u f0r y0ur inquiries! ϡ

  10. where can i contact u? I want to know the price and the capacity?

  11. How can I contact you? I am interested. May how much is it?


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