Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crime of Fashion... (ღ,ღ)

I was 0n break fr0m w0rk when I invited 0ne 0f my agents t0 check 0ut 0ur 0ther new 0ffice facilities which was l0cated 0ne fL00r up in the same buiLding. I had a w0nderfuL time with her d0ing this fUn pH0t0sH00T!

That's Jean - the camera-pH0bic gaL wh0 needed t0 be f0rced t0 p0se f0r this picture. ϡ

We c0uLdn'T use the biLLiards tabLe since pe0pLe were playing at that time s0 Jean just g0T the CUE sticks as pr0ps f0r the sh00T.

R0ckinG the CUE sticks! hahaha...! ﭢ

We didn't have c0mpany's permissi0n f0r this pH0t0sh00T s0 I had t0 bLur its name 0n the picTures. Tsk! 

It's Jean's idea f0r me t0 wear the security guard's cAp s0 I acted as 0ne. ヅ

P0sing with friends/0fficemaTes: Diane and Ann. Ü

0ut-0f-f0cUs sH0t.

I was wearing:

Thrifted Blouse & Pants
SPACE Military Blazer
PARISIAN suede ankle boots
Adder-bite Snake Ring fr0m Bring Rings
Knuckle Ring fr0m F0rever 21

H0pe y0u have a great day! ت

Taken via SAMSUNG Wi-Fi GT-S5233W cellph0ne.

~~> wReY ^_*


  1. I really love your newest pictures! So funny and cute! Haha, i also love your outfit dear, very stylish and pretty! :*


  2. tHank y0u loveLy Vinny!

    ♥ y0ur statement 0n y0ur Header ab0ut fasHi0n! =)

    keep p0sting w0nderfuL pH0t0s 0f beautifuL celebrities!

  3. Lovely photos with the cue sticks.:)
    You look gorgeous with your outfit! We love the suede shoes.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
    SHOP: http://www.saboskirt.com
    BLOG: http://www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  4. how cool, you ride? my husband has a cruiser. i go out with him sometimes :)

    join my Halloween GIVEAWAY! WIN shoes, bag, chocolates from Paisley Clothing!


  5. Thank y0u Sab0 Skirts GirLs! Y0u're b0tH beautifuL! we l0ve y0ur bL0g! ^_^

  6. Yeah I ride!ت

    Really? y0u sh0uLd p0st a pH0t0 0f y0u on a cruiser Ms. Fashi0n EggpLant! ^_^

  7. Your blog is so fun!! I love it!!!


  8. Nice tights! love the print

    Fashion Blogger

  9. Thank y0u The Lacquer Fact0r! y0u have a w0nderfuL bL0g as weLL! ^_^

    Please f0LL0w us back, thanks! =)


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