Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fun With B0nes!!!

 I have always wanted  a pair of riding gloves  with skeleton design.. the ones that I can only see on magazines  or in the net .... I thought it would always look cool whenever you are riding.....a unique riding accessory ..yesterday I got my wish.. hehehe even though Christmas is a couple of months away... Wreyzza  bought these regular Halloween  skeleton gloves.  I tried using it  immediately. My hand was hurting only a couple of kilometers from the mall since it was originally  just  a costume piece, not made for riding .. so the next day I started scheming on  how I can transplant the bones from the regular skeleton gloves to my comfy riding gloves...  and this is the end result special thanks to my mom, she  works wonders with needles and strings .. hope you guys  like it!!!

doing my battle pose!!

 The stitching made the bones look separated from the other bone segment...SWEET!!!!

 oh yeah.. it even glows in the dark


  I already  have my glow in the dark skull riding mask...as well as my glow in the dark skeleton long sleeve shirt.... perfect combination!!

You can order one from us if you like. Just give us a message or just leave a comment.   :-)

Taken via NOKIA 5310 xpressMusic cellph0ne.


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