Thursday, October 27, 2011

✔ Happy HaLL0weeN! ☠

I f0und this pH0t0 fr0m Planet Blue site. The m0deL was wearing a c00L haLl0weeN make-up which I wanna try 0ne 0f these dAys! yay!  ϡ

After 0ur Manila Z0ovenTure we went straighT t0 SM Megamall t0 pay my internet bill since it's cl0ser t0 my pLace. We dr0pped by Toy Kingd0m st0re t0 check 0ut there hall0ween stuff! 

Which Marvel character d0 y0u think R0bby was emulating in this pH0t0? ヅ

I was fascinated by the 0utfit 0f this little fashi0nista!

Miniature BMW bikes.

As usual, Halloween Seas0n w0uldn't be c0mplete with0ut SKULLS/SKELETAL figures! ☠

My fave skuLL item with all the gLitters 0n it! ❤ 

My Alexander Mcqueen Skull C0nnecT0r Ring has f0und its paLs! ☠

✖ Did the last hall0ween item scare y0u t00??? ✖

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.

~~~> wReY ^_*


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