Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Harley-Davidson Pink Bike ت

R0bby's dream is t0 0wn a HarLey-Davids0n bike, wh0 w0uldn't want a Harley anyway.
He d0esn't have the m0ney t0 buy 0ne yet s0 s0metimes he b0rr0w 0ne 0f his uncle's Harley.  ;-)

A rand0m citizen snapped this ph0t0 0f him at the Nati0nal Bikers' C0nvenTi0n heLd at Bagui0 City last 2009.

This ph0t0 was taken at 0ur 0ffice's parking lot last 2008.

That's ME! ϡ

I w0uld like t0 drive it but it's t00 heavy f0r me! hahaha...

I b0ught this Harley-Davids0n bL0use at a surplus st0re (ukay-ukay) f0r Php50.00.

I ♥ the shirt's design!

Thanks t0 these 0Ld pH0t0s reminding us the j0y and pride 0f riding Pink Harley! ϡ

And here's b0nus pictures f0r y0u...

The beautiful Marisa Miller a.k.a "The B0dy". She has been a Harley-Davids0n's end0rser f0r s0 many years.   

She's the ultimate biker chick! She n0t just p0se with the Harley-Davidson bikes...

She rides them as well, 0n the ab0ve pH0t0s she's d0ing the "Burn 0uT". ϡ
If y0u d0n't beLieve these pH0t0s then check Haley-Davids0n's website 0r y0utube vide0s and y0u'll see what I'm talking ab0ut.

Photos are from Google.

H0w ab0ut y0u guys and gaLs? D0 y0u have any Harley-Davids0n bike experience? ϡ

Taken via MOTOROLA L6 cellph0ne.

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. Love Harley Davidson bikes.



  2. cool!!

    if you have time pleas visit my blog and become a friend if you want :) thanks

    XO Carmen,

  3. yeah! we aLs0 l0ve Harleys Sarah. =)

  4. Thanks Carmen! c0unt us as 0ne 0f y0ur f0LL0wers fr0m n0w 0n! ^_^


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