Friday, October 14, 2011

Haunted House...aw000hhh!!! Ü

I first heard 0f the Haunted H0use in Pilar Village, Las Piñas when it was featured 0n tv last Monday but we're dismayed because that particular "news rep0rt" was inc0mplete! It lacks that very imp0rtant detail - the exact address! But thanks t0 g00gLe and we're abLe t0 l0cate it. ッ

We left Pasig City at 5pm, r0de 0n w0nderbike but it rained s0 hard we needed t0 st0p at Alabang and waited f0r a little while f0r the rain to subside well, f0rtunateLy it did after 30 minutes! ッ

I'm wearing Alexander Mcqueen Skull Ring from Bring.

My nail art was stiLL intact after alm0st 1 week! ♥

He's s0 gay... =) hahaha!
y0u can't rec0gnize w0nderbike 'c0z it's fuLL 0f mUd!

He's a hard-c0re Yamaha fan as y0u can see... ^_^

Since we're stranded s0 might as well t00k s0me pH0t0s 0f him. ♥

That's the h0use but it was stiLL raining s0 th0se are the rain dr0ps!
I especiaLLy ♥ the skuLL thingy ab0ve their gaTe.

Had we kn0wn that taking pH0t0s inside were n0t aLL0wed we w0uLdn't brave the rain and travel 2 h0urs   
shivering ('c0z it's t00 c0Ld) just t0 see it. I just think it's w0rthLess. Para kaming mga basang sisiw! hmmp!

Nevertheless, we still enj0yed the experience 0f being inside a h0rr0r h0use. M0st 0f the scary materials are mechanical - my fav0rite was the "Manananggal" (self-segmenter) which l00ked s0 real! *g00sebumps* 

That's h0w it L00ks LiKe 0utside.

Their entrance fee is Php 20.00 f0r AduLts while Php 10.00 f0r children. And it w0uLd take 5-8 minutes f0r the t0ur which is n0t bad at aLL.

Are y0u getting ready f0r the Hall0ween Party? What will be y0ur c0stumE?

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.

~~~> wRey ^_*


  1. Nice hand gloves! How was your haunted house trip?

    Fashion Blogger

  2. It's c0Ld & scary Kaye! hahaha! ت

  3. i love your ring! first time im hearing about this haunted house! interesting :)

    join my Paisley Clothing halloween GIVEAWAY! WIN a bag, shoes and chocolates!


  4. Thank y0u Ms. Fashi0neggpLant!

    Malas kasi kami sa mga raffLes kaya hindi na kami sumaLi sa giveaway C0ntest m0.. =)


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