Monday, October 17, 2011

I will SALE my way T♡ the maLL! ϡ

Last Friday, my m0ther texted me ab0ut the 3-day saLe in SM Megamall. I was t00 lazy t0 g0 s0 I decided t0 check it 0ut 0n the last day. I went straight t0 the mall after my graveyard shift. I arrived 45mins bef0re 10am and I was sh0cked - the entrance d00rs were s0 cr0wded! It seemed it was the last time that the said mall w0uLd h0Ld a saLe in its lifetime. LOL

While waiting 0utside, I t00k a pH0t0 0f my art-p0Lished naiLs with my fave snake ring fr0m SM Department St0re. ♥ 

0f c0urse, my sh0pping experience w0uLdn'T be c0mpLete with0ut a trip t0 F0rever 21. ♡

♥ the new c0LLecti0n 0f rings!

Y0u've seen it right! 50% disc0unt 0n their c0cktaiL rings but I did n0t buy 0ne 'c0z I m0stly d0n'T like rings with diam0nds 0n them 'c0z they easily faLL 0ut. H0wever, I also have few excepti0ns such as the

These amputated legs 0f a mannequin really startled me! LOL ^_^ 

Because the stuff I liked were n0t 0n sale --- I just t00k pH0t0s 0f them. ت

I alm0st fainTed when I saw these fanTastic c0mbaT b00ts! *sigh*

I ❤ the studded bAgs fr0m Parisian but the black sling bag versi0n was 0ut-0f-sT0ck! They just g0t the white versi0n availabLe which is n0t a practicaL bag c0L0r f0r me! huhuhu... 

This denim sneakers caught my eye with its c0L0rfuL sh0e Lace.

S0 y0u wanna kn0w wHaT I g0t? ϡ


Stretchability is very imp0rtant f0r me when it c0mes t0 jeans because I'm a big girl with wide hips and Bobson  met that specific requirement. It fits me s0 weLL! Yehey!

The reas0n wHy I b0ught this pair was because Anti-Fit cl0thing  is a sister c0mpany 0f Jag Jeans which makes durable, perfectly fit pants.

I really d0n't like white c0L0r when it c0mes t0 jeans, bags, sh0es, etc. but I can't resist this 0ne.
This is 0ne 0f their new c0LLecTi0ns in a limited editi0n which was wHy it was 0nLy disc0unted f0r 20%. T_T

I just b0ught three jeans, the third 0ne was f0r my m0m. I didn't have the luxury 0f time t0 check 0ther st0res 'c0z I needed t0 g0 h0me t0 get en0ugh sleep f0r my sUndAy sHifT. Anyways, there will be m0re sales in the fuTure dUe t0 Christmas and New Year seas0ns. ッ

2pcs Bobson Jeans Php 750.00 Php 450.00 each.
1pc Anti-Fit Jeans Php 1,400 Php 1,120.00.

May  y0u have a g00d dAy aHeaD ladies & genTs! ッ

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.
Taken via SAMSUNG Wi-Fi GT-S5233W cellph0ne.

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. Wow, I love and I need those studded bags!!
    I have just discovered your blog and I'm your new follower!


  2. I looove the bag!! wow! want it!

  3. Great post...I love your nails!!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I'm now following you too :)

    Sam x

  4. Thank y0u f0r f0LL0wing us M0nica and Samantha f0r f0LL0wing! We'll sureLy f0LL0w y0u b0th as well...ت

  5. Thank y0u Tesa and http://spliffedcookies.blogspot.com/



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