Friday, October 7, 2011

pAmpEr tHy seLF with Elite Nails Spa! (◕‿-)

I was surfing the net the 0ther night when I g0t a call fr0m my m0m saying she w0uld treat me f0r a nAiL Art sessi0n the next day. I g0t t00 excited I c0uLdn'T sLeep!

C0me the next day - sHe br0ughT mE t0 Elite Nails Spa SaL0n. The ambience was s0 reLaxing! Each cLienT w0uld sit in a Lazy b0y cHaiR with a curtain that separates y0u fr0m the 0ther cust0mers which is a very g00d idea t0 give each paTr0n his/her 0wn privacy.

And I'd like t0 menti0n this - that Elite Nails Spa SaL0n was the recipient 0f the "2011 Most Outstanding Lifestyle Nail Spa Specialty Salon" award given by TOP BRAND AWARDS which was the deciding fact0r why my m0m cH0se t0 try their services and sureLy the service was 0utstanding!

s0 this certificate is the pr00f 0f that rec0gniti0n.

That's my m0m. It's always nice t0 get a relaxing treat fr0m any pers0n especially y0ur m0ther. Anyways, wh0 d0esn't l0ve free stuff? ;)

Th0se are my feet, they're big I kn0w... Filipina size 40 or 10"! :~)

That's the Nail Artist - she's reaLLy great with her ch0sen craft.

0h! I g0t my first-ever pedicure at 25 y/o! Is that t00 0Ld f0r a first timer? 

I'm f0nd 0f naiL ArTs but I haven't tried it myself until yesterday.

I g0t Angry Birds, Plants vs. Z0mbies and Sp0nge B0b characters. D0 y0u like them?

The finish pr0duct! I'm l0ving the br0nze naiL p0Lish on my t0e naiLs! ♥ 

Which nail art character is y0ur fav0rite? ♡

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera and SAMSUNG Wi-Fi GT-S5233W cellph0ne.

~~~> wReY ^_*

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