Saturday, October 22, 2011

zo0LaLand part 3! ヅ

Last Tuesday, my friend / 0fficemate Ann wh0 was featured here in 0ur bL0g t0Ld me that they went t0 ManiLa Z0o last Sunday with her hubby and their 1 year 0ld baby b0y named Aki. She said they enj0yed the z0o trip especially Aki. Aki was sucH a brave feLLa - he's n0t afraid t0 h0Ld the baby cr0c0diLe and snake. I was encHanted by her st0ries s0 I decided t0 visit the animaL parK with R0bby. ☺

These are my fav0rite sH0ts:

We l0ve the snake 'c0z it's n0t sLimy n0r heAvy. ϡ

That pytH0n was tangLed inside the handle bAr.

The cr0c's eyes scared me s0 I had her head placed 0n R0bby's lAp! hehehe... 

They had t0 tiGer s0 wE seTTLed t0 the LEG0 versi0n. シ

The "Cesars" 0f the "Planet 0f the Apes". LOL

His name is Gibs - he's light as a feather. 0n the ab0ve picture he l00ked up because there was an airpLane which passed by...

This was 0ur fav0rite bird - he w0uLd "pLay dead" when y0u p0int y0ur index finger at him like y0ur h0Lding a gun and yell "BANG!" hahaha...! it's s0 amUsing! シ

The h0rse didn't have a sAddLe with it 'c0z he has w0unds s0 the care taker had t0 lifT me.

This pig's name is Boji - he's s0 behave, he just stayed there untiL it's time t0 eat.

0ur sweet and wackY m0ments...

It was the last day 0f these "Mikey Mice" 'c0z s00ner they'd be served as dinner t0 snakes.

"Angry Birds" characters are ubiquit0us n0t just in the maLLs but als0 in the z00.

0f c0urse, any trip w0uLdn't be c0mpLeTe with0ut taking s0me fashi0n p0ses! hahaha...!

F0r 0nLy Php 100.00 - y0u can have a first-hand experience with s0me 0f the animals inside the kinder Z00 - s0 w0rtH iT! ヅ

We always f0rget taking pH0t0s 0f "w0nder bike" during day time. W0nder bike was n0t at his best f0rm that night.

Hi there peeps! wHat's y0ur fav0rite animal in the z00?

I'm wearing:

Thrifted Bl0use and B00ts
HOT KISS ripped-0ff jeans
Pensh0ppe Military Blazer
Ray Ban SungLasses
Vintage Biker and Camera necklaces fr0m Greenhills
Alexander McQueen SkuLL Ring from Bring
Bull and Skull C0nnect0r Ring fr0m Bubbles

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. the monkey is so cute!

  2. looks awesome! i wanna hold a snake :D

  3. OMG! Your trip looked like such amazing fun! Total kick ass!


  4. yeah, the m0nkey is really cUte - he's like a baby Vivian! ϡ

  5. Thanx Jazzy! We're f0ll0wing y0ur bL0g s0 as Vivian's, please f0LL0w us back...

    Thank y0u! ϡ

  6. the snake is n0t scary at all C & M, i l0ve h0Lding iT...
    by the way, we're y0ur f0LL0wer as well s0 pLease f0LL0w us back...

    Thank y0u! ϡ

  7. Thanks Marley we f0und y0ur bL0g 2 days ag0 & f0ll0wed it since...

    y0u may return the fav0r....
    Thank y0u! ϡ


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