Wednesday, November 30, 2011

✓ Harley↹Davidson Museum

Harley-Davidson museum - one of my and Robby's dream destinations in the U.S.A.!

Harley-Davidson Museum is one of the tourists attractions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
The three-building complex stores more than 450 HD motorcycles and thousands of artifacts from the
Harley-Davidson Motor company's 106 year history.

Its panoramic view.

I love this hill-climbing bronze biker sculpture which was amazingly designed. sculpted and welded by
Jeff Decker who was a Harley enthusiast himself.

Jeff Decker was asked by Willie G. Davidson (a senior vice president and chief styling officer at Harley and a grandson of one of the company founders) to create this masterpiece as their family's "gift" to the museum.
Willie said that, "Hill-climbing epitomizes motorcycle competition and thrill...It portrays the thrill and adventure of the sport and because of the important role that motorcycle played in developing enthusiast culture."

What a  remarkable choice Mr. Davidson!

As what Al Hikes vividly described it: "The sculpture is of vintage 1930 Harley rider froze in a skyward wheelie. Its daring young driver with only one hand on the handle bars, has reached the pinnacle of an uphill ride - and is on the verge of falling backward and wiping out."

The above motorcycle is the actual Harley-Davidson KH model from 1956 that Elvis Presley.
The museum has the original sale documentation which goes with the machine.
Elvis had a number of big Harleys after this one.

This is one-of-a-kind custom bike named "King Kong" which is over 13ft long from end to end
built by Felix Predko.

Last but not the least, the Rhinestone Glide. It has thousands of rivets, studs,
reflectors and lights from end to end and is believed to be the
most highly decorated custom Harley in existence.

To borrow gearcrave's words:
"This is the temple dedicated to the worship of muscles made of metal. In the name of the chopper, hog and the Harley-Davidson, the biggest, baddest motorcycle maker has founded its church...

If you're a Harley rider or want to be one, it might be time to schedule yourself a road trip pilgrimage.

Just you, your bike and the road in between you and the holiest of Harley-Davidson destinations."

Photos are from google and wikipedia

Do you see yourself to be one of the museum's visitors?

~~~> wReY ^_* 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome Home, Masters! ✌

Have you heard of Cosplay Restaurants?
They are themed restaurants or pubs where the service staff dress as maids and treat their customers as Masters and Mistresses.

We happened to experience such restaurant last night via Meidolls Café.
They were featured last Sunday on a local TV show entitled Good News.
I wanted to visit the café and taste their dishes
at the same time experience being a Master for just an hour so I asked Robby to go with me! ヅ

We arrived around 7:30 PM and it was good that there were only few customers (just a family of 4) at that time. 

Our maid was so friendly and accommodating. 

I love the maid's furry boots! ❤

At first, we had a hard time sitting down on their low small chairs
'coz we're Titans! haha! so we really had to sit in an "Indian style" but
Robby pretended to be a Japanese diner by kneeling on the chair. ☺

Checking their menu.

The maid serving spaghetti to her Master Robby. 
After she served our food,
she sang a Japanese chant as their "additional ingredient".
So cute! ☻

Robby first chose the "Meidoll Ramen" but Ramen and several dishes were not available last night
so he settled to his comfort food ---> "Meidoll Spaghetti" with one meat ball!
Robby said it's really saucy and delectable!

I chose "Meidoll Fishkatsu".

Oh! sweets are my weaknesses! *drool*

So where have you been last Saturday night?

Adder-bite Snake Ring from Bring Rings
Zebra-print Shirt from random mall store
August Jeans

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Cross-Eyed Reindeer! (◕^◕)

We had the privileged to have a small Christmas Bazaar being held just outside our office building with assorted lovely decorated Christmas houses.
It's fantastic!

Does Rheally and the reindeer look like "twins" in the picture above? hahaha!!!

I super love its eyes,
they always make me smile. {。^◕‿◕^。} 

Dwarf's house! LOL! (I'm so bully! hehehe...)

☃ Rheally and her Mr. Snowman.☃

They also have Plants vs. Zombies collectibles.

Cuddly "Iglot".

Cute larva slippers.

We had our late lunch at Namanama Restaurant. They never run out of customers.
Their best seller is the Thai "Bagoong" Rice which was ordered by Rheally.

My order was Singaporean Laksa - spicy noodles with shrimp, eggs, fish balls and more! Yum!
We were planning to bring Robby and Rheally's hubby to this delightful resto soon.

Hope you have enjoyable and relaxing weekend!

~~~> wReY ^_*

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Have you been angrier than ANGRY BIRDS? ☁

I went to Ever Gotesco Mall with Rheally to get her passport from a travel agency which processed it on her behalf and did a little shopping as well.
I was supposed to post these photos yesterday but my net-book's bluetooth device was not cooperating which made me "angrier" than Angry Birds! LOL! ϡ


Don't you love this cute handy-dandy notebook/diary?
It has it's own amazing push-button locks in Mickey Mouse shapes!

So artful!

Angry Birds' sling shot ball pen.

Skulls... ☠
again...! ☻

When I saw these alien earrings, I instantly remembered the movie Paul.
It's very funny film ---> the comedy version of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial! hahahaha...!!!

Rheally introduced me to this beauty product. ☻

I love Skechers Walk & Work out Sandal line because of it's thick sole which is useful especially on rainy days and you can wear it when running errands or going to the office.
So versatile!  

It's apparent that Angry Birds game is so popular nowadays.
In the Philippines, everywhere you look you can see the birds' faces on bags, shirts, shoes, coin banks and on almost everything so do you also own Angry Birds character items?

P.S. Watch this comical video from The Key of Awesome: Adele Parody featuring Angry birds! ﭢ

Taken via SAMSUNG Wi-Fi GT-S5233W cellph0ne.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

♪♫♬ Jump, Jump, Jump! Brothers! ♪♫♬

"Jump Brothers" is the title of the famous novelty song of Philippine's or perhaps the world's longest-running  noon-time variety show "Eat Bulaga"The show has been 32 years in the business and counting!

I always watch the show whenever I can. I love everything about it - main hosts Tito, Vic and Joey and the rest of the "Dabarkads", their games, showmanship and the hosts natural antics!  ϡ

I especially love their segment entitled "Juan for All, All for Juan" which portrays the "Bayanihan" (communal unity) among Filipinos. They collect plastic bottles (for new school chairs which will be donated to impoverished elementary schools in the country) from different "baranggays" that they get to visit everyday and exchange it with monetary prizes or freebies! Isn't it so cool? They don't just help people but Mother Nature as well! ☀

Man, you should watch the show because all of the "Dabarkads", special mention to Jose  will never fail to make you laugh your heart out! ❤
Check out their official website for hilarious episodes!

So in the spirit of jumping...


♪♫♬ Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump! Brothers! ♪♫♬

♪♫♬ Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump! Sisters! ♪♫♬

♪♫♬ Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump! Higher! ♪♫♬

Which jumping pose is y0ur fav0rite? ヅ

Natasha Shirt
Thrifted Leggings and Boots
Adderbite Ring from Bring Rings

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.

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