Tuesday, November 1, 2011

0f c0urse...NOT! ♕ it's n0t a reaL c0rSeT! ヅ

It's a different M0nday at the 0ffice, we're n0t required t0 be in f0rmaL attire maybe due t0 h0Lidays s0 it's the perfect time t0 wear the awes0me bL0use I bought as brand new fr0m a garage saLe (we featured last m0nth) for onLy Php 100.00. ッ

D0n't y0u l0ve these rings? They're fr0m a Bazaar in Eastw00d w0rth Php 90.00 each! ❥

M0st 0f my friends th0ught that I was wearing a plain white tee layered with a c0rset but that's just an "0pticaL iLLusi0n" because it's 0nLy 0ne tee! A c0rset-shape haLter lace was stitched 0n it! v0iLa! ッ

Have a g00d g00d dAy ahead fashi0nistas and bikers! ッ

I'm wearing:

Zucozz Blouse
BNY Jeans
Converse Hi-Cut Shoes

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. sayang i did not see you last Monday..hehehe...nice tee! ---EM

  2. Thanx TL Em! ϡ

    f0LL0w us thru g00gLe c0nnect TL!

  3. Wow! Beautiful Tee and shoes! I'm following you now :)


  4. Thank y0u Selli! We'LL be f0LL0wing y0u as well fr0m n0w 0n! ^_^

  5. i like your whole look. sexy top, beautiful rings, & glitter shoes, hey ya!

  6. Thanks Teddi! I really feLL hard that shirt! ^_~


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