Tuesday, November 8, 2011

biker chicks! ت

I was a "late bloomer" when it c0mes t0 m0t0rcycLe driving
(and everything else! hahaha!).
My uncle Bhong v0LuntariLy taught me h0w
t0 drive a m0t0rbike 0n the exact day
I turned 18 years 0ld which I
c0nsidered an awes0me birthday present.
Eventually, I g0t addicted t0 it especially
when I met R0bby. (cheesy!)  ϡ

It always amazes me whenever I see a lady biker
or even a lady car driver 'cause driving needs a
wh0Le l0t 0f guts, c0urage, c0ncentrati0n ---> name iT!
That's why I decided t0 write this p0st t0 rec0gnize
w0men bikers and drivers 0n earth! ヅ
When I saw this ph0t0 fr0m this website - 0h my!
I was bl0wn away!
Driving an ape-hanger ch0pper bike is 0ne thing
- driving it wearing bikinis is a wh0le l0t different thing!  シ
Real Lady Bikers fr0m a rand0m site.
That's singer PINK driving her Triumph bike while her
husband wh0's a m0t0rcr0ss racer l0ves t0 ride 0n a
PINK pumping s0me gas.
Isn't it 0bvi0us that this rider d0es l0ve c0L0r pink? LOL!

Even the fashi0n industry knows h0w fabuL0us a sh0w
0r pict0rial can be when using m0t0rcycles as pr0ps!
Hmmm... I miss my 0Ld mE! (i.e. sexier me! hahaha!)
Last year, making fun with R0bby's m0t0rcycle b00ts!  シ

Photos are fr0m rand0m Google Images and rand0m blogs.

Hey, y'all! Don't f0rget t0 wear y0ur helmets when m0t0r riding!
Be safe always!

Bonus video of a sexy biker chick driving on the freeway!

I forgot to include this.
A vintage photo of Robby's aunt who is also a biker.
Did we mention that it was Robby's mother who
taught him how to ride a bike?
Too bad, I couldn't find a photo of his
mom on wheels.
You may check his previous post about their
Motorcycle Family History.

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. that was fun! i was thinking what are those idiots doing without helmets? it's one thing to pose for photos, but wear a bikini while in motion? i don't think so. isn't it called road burn when your arms & legs get scraped? head injuries are a very serious thing. trust me, i know. that lady in pink is a riot. i like pink the singer too. i wonder if she ever had her baby. she was pregnant wasn't she?

  2. @frozen: sure! f0LL0w us as weLL! ^_^

  3. @my 2 Pes0s: heLL yeah! they are! ;)

  4. @Teddi: y0u're right! riding with0ut helmets is very danger0us but apparentLy this bikini-cLad w0man was stubb0rn! ^_^

    yeah, PINK recently gave birth t0 an ad0rabLe daughter named Willow Sage! ^_^

  5. @nikt: n0 pr0blem! f0ll0w us back afterwards! ^_^

  6. Amazing photos of women and motorbikes. Greetings!


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