Friday, November 25, 2011

Cross-Eyed Reindeer! (◕^◕)

We had the privileged to have a small Christmas Bazaar being held just outside our office building with assorted lovely decorated Christmas houses.
It's fantastic!

Does Rheally and the reindeer look like "twins" in the picture above? hahaha!!!

I super love its eyes,
they always make me smile. {。^◕‿◕^。} 

Dwarf's house! LOL! (I'm so bully! hehehe...)

☃ Rheally and her Mr. Snowman.☃

They also have Plants vs. Zombies collectibles.

Cuddly "Iglot".

Cute larva slippers.

We had our late lunch at Namanama Restaurant. They never run out of customers.
Their best seller is the Thai "Bagoong" Rice which was ordered by Rheally.

My order was Singaporean Laksa - spicy noodles with shrimp, eggs, fish balls and more! Yum!
We were planning to bring Robby and Rheally's hubby to this delightful resto soon.

Hope you have enjoyable and relaxing weekend!

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. Hi,
    you asked me if Chiara (Ferragni) is a follower of mine, well she isn't.
    I also am a true follower of her and (as you know) I wrote a post about her and she isn't even following me .. I think it's a little bit sad that she won't do that for her loyal readers.. It's not something big that we're asking, right?
    xoxo Lyn
    (if you want to respond, please write a comment on the recenst post on my blog :)

  2. Hi Lyn! yeah! it's really sad 'c0z she's n0t supporting all her loyal followers and readers! Y_Y


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