Thursday, November 10, 2011

GUESS what?!

...I c0uldn't think 0f a titLe f0r this p0st! t0inks! (~.~)

Anyway, let me still pr0ceed in saying that aside fr0m Black, Br0wn is my fav0rite c0L0r!
y0u wanna kn0w why‽
'c0z dark c0L0rs generally exude an "optical illusion" that big 0bject w0uLd appear smaLL.

In sh0rt, I wanted t0 hide my buLges because I'm s0 lazy t0 g0 t0 the gym & w0rk 0ut! I just wanna eat then sleep everyday! hahaha...!
But s0metimes, I can't really hide them (especially t0 th0se pe0ple wh0 knew my 0Ld me bef0re I g0t this big!) it's difficult t0 f0rce 0neself t0 face the fact that I need t0 trim d0wn - n0t f0r vanity's sake but f0r health reas0ns and t0 save up the m0ney which will be spent in buying extra-large cl0thes! LOL!
Nah, I d0n't want it t0 be my same New Year's Res0luti0n s0 h0pefuLLy bef0re the year ends I can say
"no, thank you" t0 ice creams and ch0c0lates! *sigh*

WHO AM I or WHO I AM? which is which??? ;~)

I b0ught this shirt fr0m my 0fficemate's sister wh0 sell authentic GUESS shirts.
Do you like it?

Playing dumb! ;~)

Playing smart! ^_^

Playing "hide-and-seek"! ~_^

Meet my "utility boots". I always wear them because it's s0 c0mfy, c00L and eye-catchy!
As y0u can see, the Skechers emblem was w0rn 0ut! 

Buying them was a spLurge but I never regret paying t00 much because 0f it st00d the test 0f time.
For 3 years they've been thr0ugh sunshine, rains and fl00ds but still they're alive and c0mmanding any0ne's attenti0n! ☺ 

0h, yes! Th0se are the same b00ts I was wearing 0n 0ur header ph0t0! ^_^

Do you als0 0wn a pair 0f Skechers sh0es?
How d0 y0u find its pr0ducts in terms 0f quality?

I was wearing:
GUESS shirt
Thrifted Pants
H&M bracelet from this garage sale
Nail Rings fr0m Girls Are Weird

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. i like your silly face photos. your cute sketchers seem comfortable too. my nephew definitely looks like my brother. my twin nieces look just like their dad, who is my brother n-law. :) have a great weekend!

  2. brack brown might be your favorite colors but you have a blue pink blog..ahaha what about that?
    have a fashionable weekend

    The Dolls Factory

  3. great outfit and boots :D
    wanna follow each other?


  4. @Teddi: thanx Teddi! I recently had my first-ever niece who was born last October 30. She's s0 ad0rable! ^_^

    happy weekend as well!

  5. @TheDollsFactory: that's a very good 0bservation! and my answer to that is - "for a change" I chose blue and pink. ^_^

  6. thanks Konstantina!

    sure let's foLLow each other! =)

  7. I am following you now! Hope you follow me back on bloglovin!

  8. thank y0u Konstantina! ^_^

    we're n0w foLLowing your w0nderful bL0g! ^_^


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