Wednesday, November 30, 2011

✓ Harley↹Davidson Museum

Harley-Davidson museum - one of my and Robby's dream destinations in the U.S.A.!

Harley-Davidson Museum is one of the tourists attractions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
The three-building complex stores more than 450 HD motorcycles and thousands of artifacts from the
Harley-Davidson Motor company's 106 year history.

Its panoramic view.

I love this hill-climbing bronze biker sculpture which was amazingly designed. sculpted and welded by
Jeff Decker who was a Harley enthusiast himself.

Jeff Decker was asked by Willie G. Davidson (a senior vice president and chief styling officer at Harley and a grandson of one of the company founders) to create this masterpiece as their family's "gift" to the museum.
Willie said that, "Hill-climbing epitomizes motorcycle competition and thrill...It portrays the thrill and adventure of the sport and because of the important role that motorcycle played in developing enthusiast culture."

What a  remarkable choice Mr. Davidson!

As what Al Hikes vividly described it: "The sculpture is of vintage 1930 Harley rider froze in a skyward wheelie. Its daring young driver with only one hand on the handle bars, has reached the pinnacle of an uphill ride - and is on the verge of falling backward and wiping out."

The above motorcycle is the actual Harley-Davidson KH model from 1956 that Elvis Presley.
The museum has the original sale documentation which goes with the machine.
Elvis had a number of big Harleys after this one.

This is one-of-a-kind custom bike named "King Kong" which is over 13ft long from end to end
built by Felix Predko.

Last but not the least, the Rhinestone Glide. It has thousands of rivets, studs,
reflectors and lights from end to end and is believed to be the
most highly decorated custom Harley in existence.

To borrow gearcrave's words:
"This is the temple dedicated to the worship of muscles made of metal. In the name of the chopper, hog and the Harley-Davidson, the biggest, baddest motorcycle maker has founded its church...

If you're a Harley rider or want to be one, it might be time to schedule yourself a road trip pilgrimage.

Just you, your bike and the road in between you and the holiest of Harley-Davidson destinations."

Photos are from google and wikipedia

Do you see yourself to be one of the museum's visitors?

~~~> wReY ^_* 


  1. fantastic post...
    I like motorbikes!
    ciao my dear friend!


  2. that sculpture is remarkable! i think the
    rhinestone-d out harley is fascinating.

  3. Thanks Marina! which bike do you like?

  4. I really love the awes0me sculpture Teddi!

    I think the Rhinestone Glide suits biker chicks! ^_^

  5. @ My 2 Pes0s: so y0u like bling-bling huh?! ;p


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