Wednesday, November 23, 2011

♪♫♬ Jump, Jump, Jump! Brothers! ♪♫♬

"Jump Brothers" is the title of the famous novelty song of Philippine's or perhaps the world's longest-running  noon-time variety show "Eat Bulaga"The show has been 32 years in the business and counting!

I always watch the show whenever I can. I love everything about it - main hosts Tito, Vic and Joey and the rest of the "Dabarkads", their games, showmanship and the hosts natural antics!  ϡ

I especially love their segment entitled "Juan for All, All for Juan" which portrays the "Bayanihan" (communal unity) among Filipinos. They collect plastic bottles (for new school chairs which will be donated to impoverished elementary schools in the country) from different "baranggays" that they get to visit everyday and exchange it with monetary prizes or freebies! Isn't it so cool? They don't just help people but Mother Nature as well! ☀

Man, you should watch the show because all of the "Dabarkads", special mention to Jose  will never fail to make you laugh your heart out! ❤
Check out their official website for hilarious episodes!

So in the spirit of jumping...


♪♫♬ Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump! Brothers! ♪♫♬

♪♫♬ Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump! Sisters! ♪♫♬

♪♫♬ Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump! Higher! ♪♫♬

Which jumping pose is y0ur fav0rite? ヅ

Natasha Shirt
Thrifted Leggings and Boots
Adderbite Ring from Bring Rings

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. Lvoe the name of your blog! So edgy! And the jump shots wis pretty cute! And your hair is super nice too! :)

  2. great photos!
    now a follower of your lovely blog :)

    follow back? aestheticjungle.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks Noelle! which jump sh0t is y0ur fave? {:

  4. Oh, thank y0u s0 much f0r following 0ur little blog Aesthetic Jungle!

    we will follow you back right away! ^_^

  5. cool jump shots! :)
    thank you so much and followed back tru gfc and bloglovin..liked your fb page too :)

  6. you're so cute! i don't have a favorite jumping pose. i like your shirt & boots, very motorcycle bad@$$.


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