Friday, November 4, 2011

Motorcycle Family History

Wow it's been quite a while since I've posted something here...well I hope this one will keep you guys interested...

It's something about my family history...
a couple of weeks ago we had a family reunion  and of course there's a lot of old photos. One of the photos there was  a very old picture of my late grandfather. He was on his 1942 WLA Harley-Davidson which made me wonder.... is it just me or is riding motorcycles in our family's genes or probably  just a coincidence...???

I asked my dad if my great grand father  also rode a motorcycle during his time,
he said "No, he did not ride a motorcycle 'coz motorcycles during that time  would be very rare, he probably rode a horse  but if he had a motorcycle to ride i bet he'd be riding it a lot..."
My grandfather was a mechanic in one of the US base here in the Philippines. He had access to all sorts of neat motorcycle stuffs!

All of my uncles, my dad and some of my cousins are all around mechanics. My brothers are also handy in the shop! well I guess it really runs in the family....

This is the picture of my grandfather on his 1942 WLA Harley Davidson...
look at how he smiles when he's on a motorcycle, same reaction when we ride too. hehe

 An old picture of my dad with his Harley Knucklehead being featured as the cover of the magazine...
I hope I can be on the cover someday..

 The one with the red pants on the Harley Panhead is my Aunt.

The small picture inset, the one with the back ride is my dad and my mom.. my dad said they're going to deliver the bike to its American buyer ..

 Some of the pictures of their creations back then, since they customized their own rides, even before custom bike shops started popping up like mushrooms....they really have to be creative since accessories did not come cheap so they have to either  fabricate or improvise....


Good old times! My dad, my mom and the gang.. hehehe ...
See those springer front ends - they made those themselves.


 Dad told me that gas was very cheap and there were less A-hole car drivers during those times so they could ride  anywhere without  putting up a finger...
They really like going to the beach and stayed there overnight with just some makeshift tents and food!!!

 There's me, dad (in the gray shirt )  my cousin  and my uncle Edwin being featured on  local motorcycle magazine.

Some of  our recent projects...

Even Wreyzza loves riding on "chopperbike"

 There's me riding in the wind with my "Chopperbike" don't have a Harley yet...any sponsors?? hehehe...

Actually, when I was a kid my mom was the one who taught me how to ride motorcycles. hehehe
thanks mom!!!

I hope you guys like cruising back in memory lane with me....

Do you have some motorcycle family history to share? share it with us!!



  1. That was so cool! Nice photos you have there.

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  2. kayo na! hehehehe.... nice page

  3. Thank y0u Sab0 Skirt GirLs!

    Always checking y0ur page! ^_^

  4. hahaha...!!! ϡ

    saLamat Sir RusseLL! pastime lang! hehehe...

  5. Sir RusseLL paki-click yung JOIN THIS SITE THROUGH GOOGLE sa taas ng pae! hehehe...

    thank y0u!

  6. love your photos!


  7. Thank y0u Glam0ur girl! we have been f0Ll0wing y0ur bL0g f0r m0re than 2 weeks n0w...

    please return the fav0r by f0LL0wing us back!


  8. I love old photos.

    Hindi din masyado mahilig ang family niya sa bikes 'no? ^_^

    -M, mommina.blogspot.com


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