Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skulls and Bones ☠

I will never get tired 0f acquiring skulls access0ries. Skull figure is my weakness.
I just b0ught an0ther skuLL ring t0day which I haven't taken ph0t0s yet so in the meantime enjoy these babies! Ü  

The "specs" has blue color on one side and yellow 0n other side, isn't it fantastic? ﭢ

K wooden necklace was a giveaway item from a Youth Congress which I attended about 7years ago.
K stands for Kilimanjar0 - my gr0up's name. ﭢ

(was it my n0se 0r it's with the sunglasses n0t w0rn pr0perLy?) LOL!

Photos were 0nce again sh0t by Jean (who was featured HERE) using her brand new LG smartph0ne.

We "bluetoothed" the pictures to my Samsung ph0ne and we were laughing 'c0z the pH0t0s looked HIGH-DEFINITION on her phone (perhaps 'c0z of the phone's HIGH PRICE?) c0mpared t0 my ph0ne which looked standard and low quality! hahaha...!

It's apparent that skulls and bones or even skulls alone are ubiquitous symbol in the fashion world. I even created a different p0st about it last September. 
And I wanna kn0w if y0u, 
our w0nderfuL readers are als0 fascinated with "this imm0rtaL" symboL?
and WHY??? ^_^

I'm wearing:

MINT Sunglasses
Single Skull Ring from Eastwood Bazaar
Alexander Mcqueen Skull Connector Ring from Bring Rings
Thrifted Shirt

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. Your skull ring is so good, it's been on the top of mywish list since last fall, but I never managed to actually buy it. You're so lucky that you own such a delicate and, in my opinion, classic piece. Alexander McQueen skulls will never die!
    Im following you now with bloglovin, please check out my blog if you wanna follow back!

    E- blue velvet

  2. Y0u're abs0Lutely right Elena! Alexander Mcqueen Skull Ring is cLassic that's why I b0ught right away when i first saw it 0nline even if it's just a replica! ^_^

    sure! we'll be f0LL0wing y0u back!


  3. Thank y0u Jazzy! l0ve them all as weLL! hehehe!

    let's f0LL0w each 0ther! ^_^

  4. beautiful rings!!!!amazing blog!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine,do the same!!

  5. No problem Sabrina! we'll be foLLowing y0u back!
    Thanks for the visit! ^_^

  6. great skull detailing & color side fun on your sunglasses! what a great selection of skull rings you have. they really show off your personality & style.

  7. Thanks Teddi! I'm a certified Skull Addict! ^_^


  8. Those are adorable sunglasses = ) Thanks for stopping by my site, now following you on bloglovin'!


  9. Thanks Meesch! we'll be following y0u back! ;)

  10. Nice collection of rings, I love skull rings, I own a few and yours are amazing, I so want them all! Your have an awesome blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  11. 0h, it's c00L t0 kn0w that y0ur a skull addict as weLL Sara! ^_~

    we'LL sureLy f0LL0w back y0ur w0nderfuL bLog!


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