Saturday, November 12, 2011

TIE the sneakers 0n my shirt ☺

I like funky and weird stuff which made me an "eccentric" gal t0 the eyes 0f the pe0pLe ar0und mE! hahaha...!
This cotton sneakers-design shirt is 0ne of my m0st l0ved shirts. I like h0w the designer created it, s0 wackY, isn't it?

I told y0u I love crazy stuff such as this c0L0rfuL spike braceLet from Funky Finds.

The shirt was b0ught tw0 years ag0 fr0m a rand0m mall st0re.

Well, I think y0u can tell why I b0ught this catchy pants. The intricate embr0idery makes it fascinating! ϡ

Getting ready to hop! ϡ

The feeling 0f being elevated and in-the-air f0r a m0ment is always surreal which is the reas0n why I love jump sh0ts! ϡ

The leopard cap I was using was from my lovely Aunt who sent it t0gether with the 0ther things (in the above picture) all the way from U.S.A. earlier this year. 

I g0t this goLd c0L0red n0-shoe-lace sneakers from Converse Warehouse sale last December 2010 for only 
Php 700.00 (that's 50% discount).

Do you have any odd stuff y0u wanna share?

I was wearing:

Sneaker Shirt from a random mall store
LOVE connector Ring from Eastwood Bazaar
Spike Bracelet from Funky Finds
Pazzo Pants
Converse Shoes

P.S. We want t0 c0ngratulate Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao for winning the b0xing fight with Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexic0 t0day! 
It's Pacquiao's 15th consecutive win in the boxing arena!
Mabuhay ang Pilipin0! ϡ

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. Your blog is so awesome! love it))
    Follow you now, dear! Maybe you can follow me back?))


  2. Thank y0u s0 much Veronica! Of course, we always keep 0ur pr0mises!

    we'll be visiting & follow your bL0g in a m0ment! ^_^

  3. nice jump shot! smashing pants. holy leopard of fun stuff from your aunt, batman. i like the close up of the shoes. i would've never known they were gold.

  4. @MrsBitchFace: y0u're welcome! perhaps we can follow each 0ther! ^_*

  5. Thanks Marilia and Cristina Maz! Glad y0u're amused by th0se ph0t0s! ^_^

  6. Thank y0u Vale! I'd love t0 j0in y0ur giveaway c0ntest! ^_^

  7. Thanks f0r the g00d 0bservati0n Teddi!
    y0u're right! the sh0es are g0Ld and n0t cream-c0L0red! hahaha...


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