Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome Home, Masters! ✌

Have you heard of Cosplay Restaurants?
They are themed restaurants or pubs where the service staff dress as maids and treat their customers as Masters and Mistresses.

We happened to experience such restaurant last night via Meidolls Café.
They were featured last Sunday on a local TV show entitled Good News.
I wanted to visit the café and taste their dishes
at the same time experience being a Master for just an hour so I asked Robby to go with me! ヅ

We arrived around 7:30 PM and it was good that there were only few customers (just a family of 4) at that time. 

Our maid was so friendly and accommodating. 

I love the maid's furry boots! ❤

At first, we had a hard time sitting down on their low small chairs
'coz we're Titans! haha! so we really had to sit in an "Indian style" but
Robby pretended to be a Japanese diner by kneeling on the chair. ☺

Checking their menu.

The maid serving spaghetti to her Master Robby. 
After she served our food,
she sang a Japanese chant as their "additional ingredient".
So cute! ☻

Robby first chose the "Meidoll Ramen" but Ramen and several dishes were not available last night
so he settled to his comfort food ---> "Meidoll Spaghetti" with one meat ball!
Robby said it's really saucy and delectable!

I chose "Meidoll Fishkatsu".

Oh! sweets are my weaknesses! *drool*

So where have you been last Saturday night?

Adder-bite Snake Ring from Bring Rings
Zebra-print Shirt from random mall store
August Jeans

Taken via Canon PowerSh0t A590 Digital Camera.

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. that looks super fun! do you think you'll go back & be a master again? or was it a one time thing? ice cream is one of my fave foods. :)

  2. We will surely go back there soon Teddi! oh, you have sweet-tooth as well! ^_^

  3. hey! I think I saw the two of you in BU2, right? :) haha cute bag..

  4. Yup! We were at Bloggers United Khyutee!


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