Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chopper bike build - PART 1

Almost 2 years ago, me and Wreyzza were eating breakfast at
McDonalds when an idea came to my mind...
"Why don't I make a chopper bobber with an engine
coming from an underbone bike?
We got the tools and resources at the shop to do it.
Why not build something that can be used everyda
 while having a bike that turns head wherever we go?"

I asked my dad because he has been building
choppers since the 60's and 70's...
He said "it was a great idea."
I wanted the bike to be made out of readily available parts.
Cost needed to be kept  low.
We also needed to make sure that the bike would  be durable
since its going to used and abused almost everyday.
It has to have a reliable fuel efficient but simple engine.
Also, the bike would need to be proportional in size.

I started scouting for the parts from  surplus shops.
Some parts came from cars, some from underbone bikes,
some from big bikes and a lot would have to be fabricated.
We started with the engine fork and wheels.
I got an engine from a Yamaha Crypton Z 110cc.
The fork from a Kawasaki Dirt bike.

I just put the stuff that we got onto a
Harley-Davidson soft-tail chassis that my uncle was
working on to get an idea of the size and how it would look.
My crude drawing along with the measurement of the tubes to be cut for the chassis...
The first parts of the chassis build:  the backbone,
the neck, and the down tube....
Again, another crude drawing for the swing arm and
the other components like the brake caliper,
rotor and the rear wheel...
My dad did the machining - he's a really good machinist!!!
The finished rear hub attached the the car tire and rim
(I've used a car tire for the rear because
it's really cheap and durable! hehehe...)
Welding the  tubes for the swing arm.
They are held in place by steel bars that are tacked
to the tube to prevent distortion during the welding..
The swing arm and the rear wheel....
That's the first part...

I'll show you the rest of the build these coming days
so keep following us guys!!!

Have you  tried building you're own custom ride???


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  1. haiii .... sorry if my English is not good. It allowed me translate from google. I am from Indonesia, which also has a Yamaha Crypton motorcycle 110cc chopper that I want to modify as you modified. May I ask the design as well as a count and pipe used.If what you want to submit the design, please send an email to vajraputra88@gmail.com or vajraputra@yahoo.com Sorry if I was too presumptuous. I thank you.


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