Tuesday, December 27, 2011

☃Last Christmas... ❅

As usual, for the 4th year in a row,
I celebrated Christmas at the office doing
graveyard shift but we did not miss
the fun of the celebration that night.

We had raffle draws of hams,
gift certificates, appliances, etc.
I did not win though (because I have accepted the
fact that I'm unlucky when it comes to raffle draws! hahaha!)
but I did have a great time! ϡ

Here are Random Christmas and post-Christmas photos.

My mom bought this Santa Claus figure
from a garage sale!
Ho, Ho, Ho!

Special gifts to special people.
It's better to give than to receive, right? ﭢ

I gave them the Starbucks coin purse which was
made out of the original Starbucks coffee sacks! ϡ

My gift to Robby,
can you guess what it was?

A gift from one of my closest friends at the office.
It has a very special note inside,
so sweet I almost cried! *mushy*
Thanks Marj! 

Robby's first taste of the "Dragon Fruit"!

Cookies from my mum.
I L♡ve y♡u Ma! 

Eat-all-you-can with the boys!

At the company's Christmas party
- pretending to be asleep!

Being goofy at work.
Do you love my hoodie? ﭢ

I hope you had the best Christmas day
with your loved ones!
Advance Happy New Year wonderful people!

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. lol, i do love your hoodie

  2. I'm sorry you had to work, but seems like you had fun anyway. Happy holidays

  3. wrey, you're a darling! work for the 4th yr in a row? aaaaaaaaaaaa! i couldn't guess what you bought robby. your mommy makes sweet things. wish you could show us how you created those fab nails.

  4. Glad you made the most out of Christmas even though you had to work. On a better note, it looked like you had a great time. Lucky your office has a fun environment.


  5. @CottonCandyINK: hahaha!!! thanks!

  6. @Aimee Victoria Long: I surely had fun! ^_^

  7. Hi Teddi! I gave Robby a biker handkerchief!
    My mom did not make the cookies, she just purchased it! hehehe... ^_^

    As for the nail art, you may check my previous post:

  8. @my mini bag: yes! we had so much fun at the office! ^_^


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