Thursday, January 5, 2012

FATness or FITness first? ϡ

I love good food!
I eat almost anything - loads of veggies,
chunks of meat, myriad of chocolates,
dozens of cakes
a handful of junk food,
tons of rice - you name it!
Yeah, I know...
I'm a omnivorous/glutton! hahaha!

My friends are saying my weight
has doubled since working in a call center! hahaha!
And I couldn't agree more!

Unlike 5 years ago (in which
I juggled two jobs at the same time)
I became bigger,
(don't ask about my weight, ok?!)
mostly because
I just eat
and eat
and eat 
when I'm stressed out.

I don't drink liquor nor smoke
so eating and shopping
are my vices! LOL!
Oh! did I mention sleeping?

My mom is so concerned about
my weight gain so she first bought
an exercise bike...

then recently, this exercise machine
(I don't know its name)
both from garage sales!
And as you can see, I'm using them
---> for photo shoots! hahaha!

Of course! I promise myself that I will be using
them for work out
starting next year tomorrow.
*hopefully* ت

I think fashion and fitness are
fabulous fusion!
Do you think so?

Yellow Shirt: SM Department Store
Thrifted Slacks
Tri-colored Boots: Janylin

Plaid Polo Shirt: Random Store
Jeans: JAG
Thrifted Brown Boots

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. i think i just want you to be happy, & healthy, whatever that means, & is. :)

  2. Who doesn't like good food? I once went an entire month on taco bell because I was trapped at my aunts and that was the only store within a 10 mile range..

  3. I thank you so much for the well wishing Teddi! ^_^

    I wish you the same...

  4. You're right Bragondorn! Everybody loves good food!
    I guess you haven't eaten taco bells for a year after that incident! hahaha!!!

  5. hey you are soooo cute :)and really interesting blog you have :)ofcourse we can follow eachother :)


  6. Hello Bushé!
    Thanks for being our newest follower! It's great to know that you find our blog insteresting! ^_^

  7. i love your janylin boots!


  8. who says working out is so we could slim down? we're doing it for endorphins! so we can stay happy while eating...at work :p hehehehehe that's one topic we should ban this 2012! see yah 'round!

  9. @thirdy_smom: that's a great pointer Madam!!!
    let's ban, ban, ban it!!! hahaha!!!


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