Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stress busting ride!!!

Whenever I am stressed I would always go around towns on my chopper.
In this case, I went to 5 provinces at 350 km...
I guess im too stressed from work this week..
 It happened to be my day off as well,
itching for a long ride since I got a new job - this was
the perfect time for long distance ride.

I contacted  my buddies to see who would join me,
none of them were available.
Well I went for a ride anyway.

I woke up at 6am, there wasn't much that I needed to do on my chopper
but to fill it with gas since I have just  installed some new drive chain
and sprocket on it so I was confident that my bike
would not fail me during this ride.

First stop:  Sierra Madre - which was located in the province of Rizal.
This place is known for its twisties and a lot of  uphill and downhill terrain.
It's a favorite riding destination.
Me and Wrey have been there a couple of times...

While having my breakfast at the end of  the Sierra Madre twisties.
I remembered that new route from that point to Infanta - a coastal town
facing the Pacific Ocean which is located in  the province of Quezon.

 A couple of months ago that road was not passable since
there were lots of landslides due to typhoons but after sometime
the debris were removed and according to the locals,
motorcycles can pass that route already.
So I told myself , "why not try that new route?".

One of the unpaved parts...

full of unchartered twisties, endless mountainous terrain..

 no ride  is complete without a  picture from a landmark!hehehe..

I've got to get a picture here at a river near the beach!

 I actually took the long route since it's kinda boring to go back the same road you came in...

 I had to see these waterfalls that the locals were talking about.
It's nice and there were a lots of people.
Too bad I could not go there and bathe since
I didn't have any extra clothes...

 After upon leaving the waterfalls everything went south.
It started to rain heavily, huge drops striking my face
like being sandblasted on your face.

. My headlight would not work so I had to get home before it gets dark
or else I would be in trouble. Good thing, the rain has stopped
on the route that I usually use going home...
So overall, I covered 350kms!
It was tiring, cold but I enjoyed every minute of it!!!

Been to any road trip this weekend??



  1. 350 km! Wow! I wish I had your freedom! :D

  2. robby, that looks like one gorgeous motorcycle road trip adventure! those views are stunning. :)

  3. nice photos, riding is always nice

  4. Thanks for your comment :)
    Great blog.

    It;s so nice to see you using the Bloglovin' icon I designed too :)

    x X

    1. wow! i didn't know you're the who designed the icon! this is so cool!
      i love it! ^_^


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