Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ghost Rider's Ride!!

As what Wrey said, that I should come up a post
about the new "Ghost Rider's" bike in the new movie which is the
Yamaha VMax!!!

Below is one of the early V MAX bikes...

Originally the bike was first released in 1985 as a new motorcycle category,
sort of a muscle cruiser with insane horsepower and  high speed capabilities.
A very radical concept during that time.
Its design has garnered a lot of awards during the release of the Yamaha V MAX.
The original V MAX  still resembles the newer version
of the Yamaha  V MAX since little modification has been done
on the looks of the bike.
Major improvements were done mostly on the engine suspension and braking department...

The Yamaha V MAX  definitely suits the role for
Johnny Blaze's bike on the Ghost Rider movie.
The bike is very bulky and muscular screaming with power and respect
at the same time the bike looks dark and very sinister even when it's not on fire.

I still miss Ghost Rider's Chopper! hehehe

this one!!!

Wrey gave me this one...
and I Love it!!! hehehe

Have you watched you're favorite super hero movie?? 


P.S. Some of the pictures were borrowed from the internet and other sites..


  1. weeeh. i am looking forward to seeing ghost rider. :)

  2. Yeah, the motorcycle is such a badass. To hellish and cool for Ghost Rider. Suits him right. :)


  3. Nice post, Robby and Wrey, and cool bikes! I enjoy your website and hope to have more time soon to come back, read more, and leave a few comments. Thanks for dropping by my site recently, by the way!

    Here's a link to something I thought you'd both find really interesting - an article on MSN titled "Harley-Davidson motorcycle swept away by Japan tsunami to be preserved in museum".


    1. Thank you Buzz! Awesome people like you always inspire us to create more interesting posts.
      Thanks for your support!

      We have read about this amazing story last month from another blog but we recently knew from your link that the owner donated the bike to Harley-Davidson Museum which is a great act of kindness of him.


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