Tuesday, May 22, 2012

LIKE.NO.OTHER. Sony Partey! ≧✯◡✯≦✌

No more waiting this time.
Here's my reportage of the huge
company event we had last Sunday.
Just wanna share some!
(beware of picture overload!)
Is it obvious that I look tired on
the above picture?
That's taken at the hotel after the party.
One of the perks of the event's performers -
hotel accommodation! oh yeah!

 Entertaining myself while waiting for my friends.
 This was taken at the venue.
 At the dressing room.
This is my favorite photo of me for
the night.
Thank you sexy and beautiful Kat!

 (L-R) Me, Kat and Mariel.
The 2 gorgeous gals of the dance troupe.
 Carmela begging for a photo op with her IDOL! hahaha!!!
Remember her?
She just created her own blog.
If you have tumblr account,
please click this LINK and follow her as well.
 We're sparring mates! LOL!
 Yes, we are SONY people and we're loving it! ヅ
6, 5, 4 years with Sony and counting!
We have wonderful, beautiful and cool
friends at work thus the longevity of our stay!
(that's our friend Shiela in the blue dress)
 The two of my original teammates:
Mike and Rha-Rha!
That's my uber-cool team leader! ϡ
 Rha-rha was one of the 5 luckiest persons of
the night. Bringing home one of the raffled
5 46-inch Sony TVs!
Damn! I'm such a jinx when it comes to raffle draws!
At the photo booth. 
 Getting goofy with some of my dance mates!hehehe...
 Before our performance at the dressing room
again with the pretty girls of our dance group.
We're the grand finale number!
Can you find me dancing? ヅ
 As I mentioned, it's an enormous event for us.
It's actually a milestone!
Our company has been and still a partner
of Sony Electronics Support for 10 years
and counting!
Kudos to our management and
to my fellow agents! 
The party theme was Glitter and Glamour.
My outfit wouldn't be complete without these babies.

Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Parisian
Tights: 168 Shopping Mall
Studded Skull Clutch: Thrifted
Cuff: Random Garage Sale
Tiger Ring: 168 Shopping Mall
Adderbite Snake Ring: Bring Accs
Ear Cuff: Raine Re-sells


As I mentioned on my previous post.
We we're one of the 4 group performers of the night.
We did not bag the first prize,
we're the 3rd placer which was fine with us.
As what we have agreed,
we just mainly wanted to
enjoy and have fun entertaining the crowd,
joining for the competition was just secondary.

to us
Fruit Ninja Dance Group!
Hey! Hey! Hey!

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. wrey, congrats on your 3rd place! super fun photos. you looked terrific, & i adore your accessory babies. :)

  2. Pretty! I also super love company events. Malas din ako sa mga raffle draws. Hihi! ^_^

    -M, mommina.blogspot.com

  3. You are looking fab and fierce with your outfit for the night!

    It definitely looks like one rocking party!


    Twenty York Street
    Follow me in Twitter: @20YS

  4. Ang Narci fashionista...Ikaw na talaga...you look cute in those pirate hat!

  5. So lovely... I had fun looking at your photos. Na-miss ko tuloy friends ko as well as having company parties. :(

    You got a new GFC Follower! :)

  6. love the name of your group, and your outfit is awesome, I also like your shoes

  7. etra ganda mo dito sister promise! and I LOVE the outfit!

    and I can't forget that you mentioned once in your comments that you're a "sucker" for sunglasses - so I came by to especially invite you to join my GIVEAWAY - 10 sunglasses at stake!


    I can feel that this will end up (your own word) jinx in raffle draws! :))) tara na!

  8. Love your entire outfit! :)

  9. you look fabulous and sexy .love your photo shoots.

  10. Hi there! I'm just a newbie at blogger. I need followers on my blog. please follow me. I already followed your blog. Thanks! :)


  11. Seemed like all of you had a blast! :D Anyway, wow and congrats on your friend's new 46-inch TV! ^^ I'm not so lucky when it comes to raffles.. *sigh* Hope we get really good luck soon though ;)


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