Friday, May 4, 2012

Petron S.A.F.E Run 2012

Hello there people...!
It's been a long time since I posted something about bikes.
I'm sorry for that, been really busy lately...

Anyway, remember last year when we joined
the 2011 Petron Endurance and Economy run?
Me and my dad joined again along with 2 of my brothers
with the hope of getting a better chance of winning across the categories .
Preparations for the bikes started a month before the run
which was 1st week of February but the registration
started 3rd week of December.
We couldn't use our own bikes since all of our daily
beaters are modified so we had to borrow bikes from our friends and colleagues.
I had to use a Honda XRM Motard 125 cc,
Dad used a Stock Yamaha Sniper 135cc,
my older brother used a Honda Bravo 100 cc and
my youngest brother had to use his
downgraded Yamaha  Crypton Z 110cc.

We had to make sure that our bikes were light as possible,
taking any components that was unnecessary,
brakes should have minimal brake drag and
of course the over inflated tires.

 The route was the same as last year's event:
750 kms through 9 provinces but should be covered
in 2 days unlike last year which only happened in a day.

 We got through the event with no problems
and all things went well.
Here, we're listening very carefully during the briefing after the bike inspection.
(left to right) my older brother Ryan, my Dad, Me
and my youngest brother Ralph.

 My dashboard - the marked gas gauge, timer and
my trusty notepad complete with time,
km readout and places.
 All of us had the same set up.
My brothers were computing their own
kilometer readout before the send off.
 My dad doing the same thing...
   Here they go!!!!
A total of 500-600 bikes were sent off
with a 5-minute interval between classes.     
1st Day of the Run in Hundred Islands,
Alaminos, Pangasinan. 
We had no accommodations during the event
and we had no plans of securing one!hehehe...!
Like what real bikers do, we settled with this cozy tent.
(A lot of participants were surprised
when they saw us pitching a tent.
Well, we always roll like this and we enjoy it!)
Group shot!!!
The Finish Line!
A lot of bikes waiting for their turn to get a fill up and
checked the final tally on their gas consumption..
At the Awarding ceremony in Baguio City.
the one in the middle is Mr. Joel Dizon, he's
one of our family friends who was there to support us.
(Standing L-R: me and my older brother Ryan
Sitting: my dad, Joel and Ralph)

Although, there were a lot of controversies
during the final tally.
We still we managed to get some decent finishes.
I managed to get the 3rd place in the 125cc class,
my brothers Ralph got 8th while Ryan was a 9th placer
both in the 100cc class
and my Dad was 13th placer on his category.
Of course, no trip to Baguio would be complete
without buying sweets as "pasalubong" (presents)
for people at home.
Two weeks after the event,
Petron held an awarding ceremony.
I officially won the 3rd place in my category
which was really disappointing because I was
aiming for the first prize after
being awarded as the 2nd placer last year.
(I guess, it's not the right time yet!)

I would like to dedicate this post to Mr. Joel Dizon,
you may rest in peace.



  1. congrats rey robby you desrved it there is another next time for first prize

  2. third place was indeed cool but i guess just as you say aiming for the best is always great. With your determination, it wouldn't be a surprise if you will win the first place next year.

  3. You guys are badass and cool! hahahaha This was an awesome post! hahaha I'm so fascinated by the fact that you're biker! I think it's really, really cool! :D Hope you win first next year!!!

  4. Uhhh!! This post made me miss riding on a motorbike when I travel to off-beat path...

    Your family is cool, all of you are riders! Me and my two younger bros also use motorbike for a road trip at times but we never tried joining organized motorbiking events yet, we just do it on our own for a joyride. My mom borrows mine when she wants to get out of the house with some friends. My father prefers to commute. hehe..

  5. gosh O thought my comment was published here yesterday oh well, please take care and I hope you got the number one spot next time, taking ahardtime with captcha lol

  6. Congratulations!! I'm sure with lots of better practice, u'll get the top award. Good luck and stay safe. :-)

  7. There are lots of bikers here in the US too and just last week they had bikers show and staff like this .Cool.

  8. O seu blog é uma maquina estarei seguindo.

  9. Wow, you guys are so cool! :D I really find bikers awesome, even if I myself is hopeless with it. Anyway, congratulations and stay safe! :)

  10. Hopefully first next time:)
    Follow at: www bisbookblog.blogspot.co.uk
    And I shall follow back

  11. i wanna see a real motor race!


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