Thursday, May 31, 2012

18th National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs Annual Convention

Last April 28 to 29 we attended the
18th National Motorcycle Convention held at
Fontana Clarkfield Pampanga.
It's an annual convention of motorcycle clubs here in the Philippines.
It's 4days of motorcycle fun story telling and a lot of showing off! hehe...!

The theme was "ONE RIDE" but ironically the event was divided:
two days for Big bikes only and the other 2days for the mopeds and scooters.
It feels more like discrimination if you ask me...
I was thinking that it would be like an outdoor activity
with some open field camp out style, live bands, drinking here and there,
some bonfire, people conversing, talking to strangers,
admiring each others' rides, bikes parked as far as the eye can see,
which wasn't the case this year.

During this convention people were looking for hotels,
accommodations,  air conditioning, a very comfy bed,
luxurious showers, etc...
I guess the people who organized this convention are more
accustomed to being to those stuff than riding their bikes.
I think they're missing the point of being a biker which is
enjoying the ride and the company of your riding buddies,
being outdoors, getting out of the cage and enjoying it!!!
Well it's just me, they may have different interpretations of stuff.
Enough babble!hehehe...!

Anyway, here are some of the happenings at the convention.
The best way to park a Harley..
Me and my Dad.
Most of the people we went with during the convention
were my dad's riding buddies since their teenage years.

The group before taking flight.
Of course it would not be complete without a group shots!!!

Since we didn't have anything good to do
after eating dinner during the convention.
 I tried my luck in kick starting my uncle's
1976 Harley-Davidson Electra glide...
(that was a good idea!)
It gave me a workout but it didn't start at all.
Luckily, it has an electric starter! hehe...!

Oh look a Ducati Diavel!!!
Of course the Brand Ambassadors!!!
I'll make it a point that every time they make
their pretty faces to the camera I'll make my own! hahaha!!! 

 Overall, I was a bit disappointed for this year's convention
having waited for months but there were not much activities.
Some booths here and there, some bone stock bikes
on display but nothing special...
However, it was nice spending time with our
ridding buddies, friends and family...
I'm still looking forward for the next convention.
( I hope it's going to be awesome!!!) 

What's your idea of a Motorcycle Club convention???

 Special thanks to my cousin Gusphet who took
these great pictures during the convention!



  1. nice event, and I agree with you why a need to divide the event but I think it's ok to have a two day event without dividing it

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    1. Thanks as well Anne. We just returned the favor. ;)

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    1. Thanks for the invitation Tereza.
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  4. I am not so far from the Philippines so might be able to ride down from Thailand. Will know soon. Now following your excellent blog :)

    Pat Savage

    1. That's great Pat! Let's us know if you want to visit Philippines! ;)

  5. I got a kinda scooter for my ride haha sure thing, let's follow each other then. I'm following you already ;)

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  7. looks like tons of fun :D


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  9. Too bad they divided the groups, but overall looks like a fun meet. W


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