Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bohol's beautiful beach! 乂⍲‿⍲乂

We're back to reality!
We just had an awesome 3-day vacation in Bohol.

Our country is blessed with beautiful beaches with
super white sand so to our international readers,
if you plan to visit The Philippines,
add Bohol in your itinerary.
We guarantee you,
you can't get enough of it.

We spent our first day at Muro-Ami Beach Resort in
Panglao Island where they pampered us with
dinner and breakfast by the beach,
great accommodation and hospitality.
Well, beach bathing wouldn't be complete
without jump shots & hair flipping! ϡ
Look at how fine the sand is.
Robby tried eating them! *silly* hahaha!!!

 Can you spot the heart-shape sand made by Robby? ♥
 I had a sand scrub on my legs! ☺
 Starfishes are everywhere!
I told you, we had a yummy breakfast by
the beach.
 Some sunrise shots! ☺
 Unfortunately, we arrived at the resort around 7pm
so we missed their lovely sunset and the
seawater by the shore because it was low tide
from around 2pm on wards.
So we just played with the sand...
...and had dinner by the beach with
the super delicious SUTUKIL! yum!
 This was taken around 7am where the water
is rising again!

More photos to come.
Happy weekend everyone! ヅ

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. ganda ng bleach linaw ng tubig nice nice nice

  2. ...the sand scrub is the best thing ever!!! :-))
    Have a great day dear!!!


  3. dami talagang pumupunta ng bohol..minsan na akong nakapunta diyan..

  4. wow! enjoy na enjoy kayong dalawa ah...nakaka-inggit naman!

    1. Enjoy na enjoy talaga! ヅ
      Pumunta ka rin dun, malapit lang yun sa inyo diba?

  5. Replies
    1. Absolutely Tereza, wait 'til you see our Boracay beach! ヅ

  6. Hi Wrey and Robby,

    That's an awesome post and a sweet beach! Enjoyed your photos and commentary. Looks like Robby's silicon diet might be a little gritty on the teeth - but maybe kept his GI tract "regular" LOL!

    Definitely want to take my family to Bohol. We wanted to go last August (2011), but my wife had heard things were soggy at the time due to heavy rains immediately before, so we decided to wait for next time we come to Philippines. Wanna go see the island and the Chocolate Hills, tarsier monkey, etc. So I am definitely looking forward to your posts in the near future telling us more all about your trip. Hope to hear more about Bohol and I am sure you had a great trip there.


    1. Thanks Buzz! ヅ

      We're lucky we had a good weather last week despite having a typhoon the week before.
      We're so blessed!
      You should visit Bohol as soon as possible and I'm sure you wouldn't want to go back home! ヅ

  7. how much you two spent on Bohol I love also to go there

    1. Approximately 15k including a side trip to Cebu mommy. Nag-over-spent kami sa pagkain but it's worth it! sobrang sarap! ヅ

  8. Ang Kulet ng mga photos! namiss q bigla ang ganda ng bohol:)

  9. freaking beautiful! wrey, i'm soooo jealous. glad you had a good time. yes i spotted the heart shaped sand that your robby made. that skull sand creation was quite outstanding too. :)

  10. Awesome beach! Ano daw lasa ng sand sabi ni Rob? haha..

  11. Hello. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Kainggit naman kayo kasi nakarating na kayo sa Bohol. I want to go there too.

    1. Pumunta ka na rin hindi ka magsisisi! ヅ

      Salamat sa pagbisita! ヅ

  12. Wow! It looks and sounds like a great fun indeed! I love to be there playing in the white sand and washed in the bay... Seems like u taking sand bath. Lol... The sand looks like powder and wish I could also scrub and jump into water. :)

    U had done cool sand sculpture... I love the heart ;) Glad u had fun. Will make sure we visit this beach if we come across Philip.


    1. Oh sure! Don't forget to include Bohol in your Philippine tour! ヅ


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