Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sing me a song Daddy! ♪♫♬

Oh, how I wish I could listen to my Dad
singing me a beautiful song.
But that would be impossible because our father
hasn't been visible to me and my siblings
when we're growing up.
Our parents separated when we're little kids.

Personally, I looked up to my uncle Jessie who
is the complete opposite of my father
(who happened to be his brother).
He took care of me when our father abandoned us.

My uncle always bring and fetch my
cousins to & from school.
They openly talk about my
cousins' crushes like they're friends.
He would always bring his children to church,
they pray together and make sure my cousins
are involved in church activities.
He shares the Word of God to every person he meets.
Most of all he's a loving husband.
I can say that uncle Jessie is the perfect role
model for would-be-fathers.
Additionally, because the world is
celebrating Father's Day,
I'm posting his father's photos
on Robby's behalf.
 Apparently, Robby got his biking genes from his dad.
As you can see,
they cruise together,
compete together and
win together.
Isn't that awesome?
(You can check Robby's Motorcycle Family History here)

To all good fathers out there,
enjoy your special day! ヅ


I wanna share this wonderful video that made me cry.
To our dad, you have missed the
joy of being a father by leaving us.
I wish it won't be too late for you to realize it. ☹

~~~>  wReY ^_*


  1. Such a lovely song. Kudos! to all Father's out there! Missed this song also

  2. Happy birthday to your uncle Jessie and to Robby's dad. :)

  3. kakadinig ko lng ng song na yna sa party p ganda ng message sarap pkinggan

  4. You have an awesome blog! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Hope you will revisit and possibly follow :)


  5. dear wrey, i'm glad you had your uncle jessie! please know that the absence of your father has nothing to do with you, & everything to do with his own issues. it really is his loss. be proud of the person you are, & turned out to be. nice photos of robby's dad. :)

  6. nice song and nice blog:) i follow you! Hope you are going to follow me back :) kisses and have a nice day! <3

  7. Happy fathers day to your dad and birthday to your uncle Jessie and to Robby's dad too.

  8. medyo nakakalungkot ang post mong ito na lumaki ka na hindi mo masyado kasama ang iyong father dahil naghiwalay sila....sadyang ganun minsan may naghihiwalay na mag asawa dahil may hindi napagkakasunduan o ano pa....

  9. haist sis kakaiyak :(

    Happy Father's day to your uncle jessie and to your roby's dad

  10. though its a bit late, happy fathers day to your dad. ang cool! :)

  11. This somehow made me sad, but it's good too that you have your uncle Jessie.. :) Belated happy father's day to your uncle and to Roby's cool dad!

  12. I think it's great that even though your father wasn't around, you grew to be such a positive and loving person. hugs!


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