Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sky Walk Adventure ≧❂◡❂≦

One of the two main reasons why I
included a "side trip" to Cebu was because
I wanted to try the city's newest craze and
it's becoming The Philippines' must-try activity,
i. e. Sky Adventure which is currently being
offered ONLY by Crown Regency Hotel & Towers
- the tallest hotel tower in the metropolis.

The other reason was to challenge Robby
to conquer his fear of heights! hahaha!!! ヅ
(Ssshhh...don't tell him!)
Hell yah!!! ヅ 
We're in the building's 37th floor or 415.19 feet
high above the street to be exact.

We "sky walked" around the edge of the
building's transparent glass flooring with an
overhead safety harness while being
entertained by our enthusiastic tour guide.
(I forgot his name. Tsk!)
We were there for around 15 minutes,
it may seem a short time for most of you
but it's like forever for Robby!  ヅ
You'll be given a locker because you won't be
allowed to bring your own camera while sky walking.
They have assigned their own photographer in which
you'd be forced to pay for the
most expensive photograph
I've ever bought! Tsk!
My pocket was crying!

EACH picture costs Php 230.00 (USD 5.43). We
requested if they can just e-mail or upload them
to Facebook but they refused! It sucks!

And one more thing,
if our tour guide was a good company,
well, it's the opposite for our photographer!
She was a grumpy b*tch! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ
She made us feel like we're a waste of her time. 
 She's like bored with her job,
she never gave us a smile.
Oh well, maybe she just had a bad day! Whatever!
Good thing! We just ignored her and
we still had an exciting day!  ヅ
By the way, you'll also receive
a certificate stating that you have
successfully completed the adventure.
Luckily, it's for free or else there would be
World War III! haha! ᵔ.ᵔ 
Playing around in the elevator.
Mission Accomplished!
Robby did it! YeheY!!!

How about you wonders?
Have you experienced similar adventure?

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. Sky walk pala. Akala ko zip line from Regency Hotel pababa sa kalsada. :-P

  2. Woooohhh!!! palagi nalang kayong happy-happy!!! sobrang nakakainggit na...dapat magtrabaho ng maigi! tsk! itigil niyo ang pag.lakwatsa...nakakaiiinnnnggggggiiiiiiiiitttttt!!!!!!!!!

  3. thanks for the suggestion to follow each other.

    Thanks for your lovely comment. Great post!!!
    I'm following you right now. hope you can follow me!!!





  4. haha naku ganda namn dyan dpt nag antm shoot din kau haha

  5. di ko kya to ... tkot me sa heights

  6. i really want to try that one!

  7. that seems fun!!


  8. oh my gosh, you are both so brave! i'm getting anxiety just thinking about that adventure. did it help robby overcome his fear? do you think you'll ever do it again or was once enough? the photographer needs to find a new job. especially since you're basically forced to pay her. i would want to leave a complaint about her bad ole attitude. have a good weekend!

  9. That's something I would really love to try..

  10. ang lakas naman ng loob mo....ang taas niyan...

  11. wahh... i don't i can do that! i'm afraid of heights!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  12. wow! that's sound fun and adventure... i wish to be there, but i don't know i have the courage to stand near the edge.

    Good to see u both enjoying there. Cool ;)


  13. Awesum fun!!! :D wOW i WISH TO DO THE SAME!! :p

    The Sweet Life

  14. you guys are awesome! i'd be freakin' scared to do that since like Robby i too am afraid of heights!!! looks like something cool though.


  15. fun! ang mahal nga lang ng pic..would have helped kung mabait sana ang photogrpaher. kung ako andun hinulog ko sya haha joke lang :)

    congrats to Robby for conquering his fear of heights..not something easy to do :)

  16. Takot din ako sa heights. Di yata ako pwede dyan! :(

  17. Cool!

    xoxo, Minnie Angel


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